Brief Update On Virginia Pro 2A Lobby

Quote from a reader

its not a rally, its lobby day. the bills haven’t been voted on yet much less signed by the gov so nothing is going into effect yet. the staties as you call them have been called in from hundreds of miles away. I used to be one long ago. expect about 1000 of them and another thousand or so locals..nasty guard hasn’t been alerted yet, which tells me something… yes, most of the rally goers as you say will be armed. its legal outside, off the grounds, outside the fence. its legal inside too, but northam illegally banned guns there and a judge upheld the ban. so much for waiting for the courts, eh? there are at least seven busloads coming from texas…yes, backing away from the assault gun ban is bullshit. it got dropped from the senate docket and added to the house docket as hb961, same wording etc., media disinformation….countermeasures, you have no idea. special ops has been circling overhead nonstop for 72hours already. you can track it on…its going to be chaos. no idea how its going to turn out, but its got to be done. honestly, i expect to be at war tuesday morning….what do we have to lose? let’s get it on.

Another reader defined the pic from yesterday’s post on the armored thingy…it’s a modified armored Bobcat skid loader, allowing armed cops to shoot from an elevated position.

Choppers flying over head already?

Got an RPG?

Virginia 2nd Amend. Activists Make Last-Ditch Effort To Avoid Ugly Clash

2 thoughts on “Brief Update On Virginia Pro 2A Lobby

  1. I thought the FAA declared Richmond a no-fly zone until after the rally.

    I don’t see anything good happening in Virginia.

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