‘Round Here

Today was my monthly trip to the grocery store in the big city.

My first stop was to the salon to get my h/c. The gal was giggling, and called out “Alexa, skip song!”

the music went to the next tune, and I queried “If I called out ‘Alexa, play Deep Purple Machine Head’, would she play it?”

“Oh yes…Alexa, play Deep Purple Machine Head!”

and by golly, it played.

I then said, “now all we need is a bong”

all the girls in the back giggled and one began the song “don’t bogart that joint”

my turn to laugh.


The grocery store is virtually next door to them, and off on the adventure.

What a nightmare. Some clown decided to rearrange the whole damn store, and I wandered around with that “deer in the headlights” look, and finally left; unsatisfied.

I ordered the rest from wally world…free shipping and delivery to the door…day after tomorrow.

2 thoughts on “‘Round Here

  1. My son used to work at a grocer. He confirmed my belief that the managers rearrange the stores periodically to make the customers pore through every aisle to find what they want, thus keeping them in the store longer, and hopefully racking up a few more sales.

    …That may work for women, but most men will say “The hell with it” and leave… myself included…

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