Friday the 14th

Not much to report around here today.

Valentine’s Day…took care of that; technically.

Our pals from SA will be here tomorrow for a visit, and the wife is out doing some minor grocery shopping this afternoon.

So, we’re gonna load them up with queso dip, pico de gallo, guacamole, chips, and homemade tacos.

Pico de gallo being the most time consuming as stripping the cilantro leaves is a bit tedious; but well worth it. It’s better if it sits a day as well, so that will be done today.

A few  homebrews will be on the menu as well.

A nice, sunny day here with temps in the 60s. Tomorrow will hit 70.

We’ll probably eat outside on the patio. Too bad I don’t have an amp to drive my expensive assed outdoor speakers…it’s on the list…way down.

2 thoughts on “Friday the 14th

  1. Cilantro-stripping tip; take your cilantro, and using your colander- the old-school aluminum kind with holes – insert the stem into one of the holes. Pull. Discard stems, leaving the leaves in the bowl. Or not. Hey,it’s your kitchen.

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