LA county sheriff has closed gun stores.

and releases 1700 inmates.

LA mayor has threatened turning off power to those who do not comply

Fascism by Democrats…and they call Trump fascist..

Creepy Joe says the democratic convention should go on as planned…

But then, he doesn’t know when it is…we could lose several thousand dems, if the convention went on as planned; maybe Creepy Joe and Ol’ Bernie too!

On the  other hand, if both of them contract the Chinese Flu, no doubt Swillary would slither her way into the ring; but that’s just me.

The kid left yesterday to the RGV to return to work. Apparently, BN did not shut down as she had hoped. I’m kinda glad, as she really piles up the plates of food, and cleans out our leftovers without prejudice. She frequently stays up until 4 am watching television, and then sleep 12 hours. I showed her how to use the Roku on the big screen, and she would disappear for hours…except for trips to the fridge. Kind of like a garbage disposal. I noticed she finished all the shredded beef bbq. She likes baked potatoes too, especially with about 1/4 pound of cheese on them. I had to hide that, but she still finished what was available.

Our stores are for two, and anyone else who decides to “hole up” here will severely deplete our larder.

Last year, the wife ordered some calladium bulbs from a self proclaimed reknown online nursery…none of them came up. They gave us credit for them. The wife ordered two rosebushes as replacements. They arrived today. Right now, they are soaking their roots in water, in preparation for planting in a day or two.

It’s supposed to hit near 90 today, and everything is greening up; mostly weeds. The wife is pleased with her gardening work over the winter, as the chance for freezes are now pretty much gone for the season…pretty much.

I woke up today to find that I was unable to connect to the web. I was able to hit the router, which can be deceiving. After doing all the magic I could, I restarted the router, and even then, it took several minutes to get internet.Whocansay.

I signed up for a free trial of Amazon Prime when I got the security lights, and discovered I could record movies, like I used to do with the DVR. My DVD burner unit was put out in the bunkhouse when we moved, as we had no TV at that time.

I am thinking that with the 30 day trial, we’ll rent some Amazon movies, and burn them to DVD as we watch.

It’s amazing the crap that’s available for free…one still has to pay for decent entertainment..first world problems…

Another problem is, I have only 9 blank DVD+R disks. I used to by those in the 50 pack spindle. We have so many recorded movies/series that I bought 100 jewel cases, and didn’t have enough to hold all of the movies…by a long shot.

Ever see a movie called ‘Spartan’? Val Kilmer, William H. Macy, among others. I recorded it on the DVR way back when, and it is a surprisingly good movie. Directed by David Mamet.

A clear sunny warm day here in central Texas today. At this time, the wife is still asleep, as we were up until past 3:30 this morning…binge watching “The Americans”. I don’t know why, I have the whole series recorded on disk.

Looks like pork chops and mac and cheese for dinner. I did start a crock of Oklahoma Beans as well.

2 thoughts on “Reactions

  1. .357 Magnum in the truck with a zombie killer JHP load, Glock G37 Gap with hot Hydroshok loads as carry piece as it is in the 45+P range. The AR-9 stocked with 124 gr HydroShoks for the home defense. The 1911 9mm on top of the fridge with 124 gr Hydroshoks Yep, I am ready.

    As for the Hydroskoks? They were the first generation of the modern second generation of maximum expanding bullets. Get them to 1050 to 1100 fps and they will double in size when they hit. The best of today is Federal HST that performs slightly better..

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