Creepy Joe Comes Out Of Hiding

We all thought that Creepy Joe Biden was just a pervert that liked to sniff the hair of little girls and young women…

Now we find out that he really IS a creep

A former staffer, Tara Reade, has accused Creepy Joe of “sexually fondling and penetrating her” back in 1993.

Geez lady, 27 years ago?

It may be enough.

The other alternative is Ol’ Bernie, and we sure as hell do not want him at the helm of the country…not that he would win.

If a pro-socialist candidate gets the democratic nomination because “there’s no one else”, then the 2024 election could be the ‘big one’…if Ol’ Bernie can live that long.

Still, the Republican party or Libertarians need to begin grooming a candidate now after Trump serves his next four years.

Biden is suffering from dementia…watch his video through here

In Highly Controlled Interviews With Very Friendly Corporate Media Shills, Joe Biden Proved to the World That He Has Advanced Dementia and Under No Circumstances Can Be Permitted to Be “President,” Even if In Name Only

He really doesn’t know what the hell is going on…..

Time to go now Joe…here’s a pudding cup for you…


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