Happy Friday

In recent news, in case you missed it

President Trump has no plans to continue a White House tradition – the unveiling of the official portrait of his predecessor, President Obama

NBC: Trump abandons another presidential tradition to slap Obama

Yes, Trump finally gave Obamksi a public bitch slap by not having the portrait unveiling ceremony in the White House. No excused made, no options given…just “passed over”. Maybe there is more important stuff going on instead of further inflating Comrade Obasmki’s ego.

I saw that Governor Gretchen “Adolf” Whitmer of Michigan, tells the guppies that “Trump is not welcome here” and she is considering going after Ford Motor Company for allowing Trump to go maskless during his tour of the Ford plant yesterday…of course, this was after she asked Trump to declare a state of emergency in Michigan, due to the flooding by broken dams, due to negligence and lack of funding since she is as corrupt as the other democratic governors whose states are going broke.

I spent some time yesterday in the gardens, noticing some work that had to be done before implementing the irrigation. Some of the drip lines need replacing. I did replace two. Some of the older connections and elbows are leaking and have to be replaced with a newer version.

I’ll have to dig out my 1/4″ nut driver for the hose clamps I use to connect the t-tape to the fittings. I’m gonna have to pick up another one of those…I seem to have lost my other one.

Most of my hand tools are in my truck. There are three tool boxes in the pickup; two are mixed and one is a very complete Craftsman set my boys got for me. There is another tool box in the shed with tools I don’t use much, but over the years have their uses.

The tool box mounted on the truck has stuff like the trailer hitch, jumper cables, duck tape, a big hammer, a hunk of 2×4, ropes, tie downs, small shovel, bungee cords…stuff like that.

Given the recent theft out here and the crap that was stolen, I keep as much as I can now locked up.

Inside the house, there is a tool drawer with some tools I can access quickly, and my copier tool kit with many tools for fine work; files, jewler’s screwdrivers, assorted pliers, soldering tools, volt meter and the like.

One of the valves busted off the ears for the shutoff…that’ll require attention, and maybe replacement.

I lost one tomato plant; don’t know why. It bothered me at first, but then realized we rarely have any freezing weather here until November, so a late crop of tomatoes could be in the works.

I got bit by something during my garden visits…it itches like crazy, and three little blisters have cropped up, so not a skeeter or ant bite; probably a spider. I did find a snake skin during the weeding process too.

Jeans and boots are a must out there…such a pleasure when it’s hot and humid.

Pelosi says they will “closely monitor” mail in voting…yeah right.

I read that Corpus Christi NAS was the latest victim of terrorism, where a couple of ragheads drove through the gate, wounding a guard, but eventually getting “subdued”. One escaped. Details are sketchy. The wounded soldier was treated and released.

The garden awaits…



4 thoughts on “Happy Friday

  1. Trump not having an ‘unveiling’ after Barky the Magic Half-Whitey said he wouldn’t be caught dead going into a ceremony with Trump, well, yeah, fuck you Barky.

    Trump’s done the same with all the athletes who said they wouldn’t come to an awards ceremony, not inviting them after they win something. Though usually the Trump Curse hits the athletes in the ass after they make the announcement and they lose spectacularly. Except for that lezbo female soccer captain who looks more masculine than most men today….

    As to Corpus Christie, what the heck were the mooslims thinking after Trump kicked some ass when he found out the security at Pensacola was basically unarmed. Yeah, dumbasses, keep up with current affairs and you’ll find Trump is rearming the troops on base.

    Tool Thieves? They need to be strung up on an engine hoist and the victims allowed to practice welding techniques on them. Bastiges.

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