Saturday, the 23rd

I did make it out to the garden yesterday, and worked on the irritation lines, replacing one leaky one, and tried to fix the leaky head units. The head units are what I call where the on/off valves are.

From the head unit, a short length of t-tape branches out into usually 4 t-tape lines, that run the length of the garden, using elbows and in line connectors, in necessary.

I got all the garden lines replaced that were squirting geysers, and worked on the fitting to which the valve attaches. It has a mish mash of adaptors and reducers (not done by me) that have dilapidated over the years.

I bought some new fittings connecting directly to the valve unit, but they are barbed; I am unable to keep them from leaking even using two hose clamps; no doubt because they are barbed. Next time I’m in town, I’ll see if I can find a non barbed fitting. As is, they do leak, but not so much that I’m worried about it. We ARE on a well after all, and waste is waste.

I now have lost two  tomato plants…my guess is cutworms, as both of them just fell over at the soil level. Oh well, new seedlings are in the works. Normally, I wrap a small piece of aluminum foil around the stalk at soil level to keep the little bastiges away. I did not do that, and now I am punished for it. The little shits only eat the tomatoes when the stalks are small; not anything else. As the plant stalks get bigger, they shed the foil, and the cutworms do not eat the larger stalks.

Today I plan to plant corn; about 75 plants or so in one garden. I will use a hunk of cattle panel for a template, and plant a seed inside every other square to maintain some semblance of order. If they all come up and grow, it’ll be a jungle of corn.

I found a 1/4″ nut driver, only to discover that those clamps are too small to go around the t-tape and fitting. It’s always just one thing. My vintage quarter inch nut driver is missing still.

Gonna need a new one of those too.

The wife hurt her hand doing I-don’t-know-what yesterday, and was in a lot of pain last night..enough to take one her special Celebrex pills, and additionally, 3 ibuprofens. Apparently, nothing helped as she was up at least until 6 this morning.

The last time something like this happened, we ended up at the ER…and they could to nothing for her; even after a couple doses of Fentanyl…nothing helped.

Her r/a doctor told her that she cannot, must not, go to the hospital, or she would contract something, and surely die, given that r/a suppresses one’s immune system almost entirely.

It’s her rheumatoid arthritis flaring up, and there is nothing that can be done.

Meanwhile, I hate to wake her as I need to get dressed to go to the garden.

Enjoy your Saturday!

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