Got Gnats?

After all the plants the wife has gotten in the past few months, a few have been designated “house plants”.

Since then, we have been plagued with gnats.

The wife found a solution, as the gnat eggs come from the potting soil we buy in huge bags.

1 part hydrogen peroxide

4 parts water

a few drops of dish soap

Mix and pour over dirt around house plants. Supposedly will kill the gnat larvae living in the soil.

We’ll  see. Since she did this an hour ago, I haven’t seen one gnat.

Could it be true?

Wrong again.

This morning I found the gnat maternity ward…lurking in the 3 one gallon ziploc bags of used coffee grounds.

I hauled them all out to the gardens and dumped ’em. I’ll have to be more prudent in how I keep the coffee grounds. It would probably help if I emptied them more frequently, than allow them to pile up on the kitchen counter.

The wife was, at one time, dumping them on her plants to keep the deer away. For reasons unknown to me, she stopped doing that.

The forecast here is for no precip for the next several days. It’s cloudy as hell, no doubt from the Sahara dust cloud.

After hauling thousand round cans of ammo the other day, my back is still telling me I done wrong. I have discontinued the Darvocet, and am just dealing with the sharp pains that occur if I move just wrong. It is much better though.

At this point, I have no plans to go to the store anytime soon.

I went through my inventory of meds, and decided I did not need any more Airborne, having several bottles of the chewable, and several tubes of the effervescent tabs. Lots of different types of NSAID pain relievers, assorted vitamins and supplements, yet have working carts at both Sam’s and Wal-Mart. Wal-Mart did have some isopropyl alcohol. Disinfectant wipes are nowhere to be found.

I was so relieved to hear SIL got a new fridge with We-Fi built in. She thought that was better ‘n sliced bread.

BIL holds several Microsoft certification, and is a network wizard.

What SIL knows about Wi-Fi one could shove it up a gnat’s ass, and it would be like a BB in a boxcar.

Her daughter was planning a trip to Port Aransas over the 4th weekend for beach fun and partying. Apparently, lack of common sense is indeed hereditary. I’ll not even go into SIL’s grandson…shudder. What a nightmare.

On second thought, maybe a few gnats aren’t so bad.

8 thoughts on “Got Gnats?

  1. Buy your isopropyl alcohol at the hardware store. Get the 99% isopropyl alcohol that is sold as stove fuel. Re-label your Wally World isopropyl alcohol bottles and refill from the gallon container. At 99% it is medical grade and should be part of your prepping stores.

    I have one in storage and another that I use to refill the bottles used in the house. When I run out I will buy another and rotate stock. When hand sanitizer was unavailable I squeezed the juice out of some aloe vera leaves and mixed 1 part aloe vera jelly and 5 parts isopropyl alcohol. I still have half a mason jar of that stuff. Aloe Vera should also be grown as part of your prepping supply.

    Disinfectant wipes: separated paper towels in a zip lock bag. A 50/50 mix of the homemade hand sanitizer and 99% isopropyl alcohol, enough to get the paper towels damp.

  2. Really effective way to deal with gnats is to take a couple Mason jars and poke 10 or so small holes in the metal lid. Then add a little (maybe an inch) apple cider vinegar and a couple drops of dish soap.
    The gnats will be drawn to the jar and will crawl through the holes and then drown in the vinegar mix. I’ve used it for several years now.

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