Back To Town Today

You know how I hate to pass up a bargain.

The local grocery store had boneless top sirloin roast in a cry-o-vac bag for $2.99/lb.

I got one of the smaller ones at $39.

I will slice this up into appropriately sized steaks, and freeze.

In other news, the wife went outside to check her roses, and came back in fit to be tied. The deer had gotten onto the patio and devoured much of her virgin plants. She was livid.

The possibility of fresh venison is becoming a closer reality.

I did not bring up the possibility of an electric fence charger (again) as she has been feeding the new batch of kitty cats. Certainly, a fence charger would zap them into oblivion.

I must keep reminding her that the deer are starving, and will nibble on anything; even “deer resistant” plants. Hell, they even munch on the aloe vera.

They have not found the nopales given to us by our pals in San Antonio…yet. Nopales are the spineless prickly pear cactus…without the cactus.

We had a rip roaring thunderstorm run through here last night with thunder and lighting for six hours. Not much rain, about an inch was what I heard in town. We’ll take it. It wasn’t even in the forecast.

Looks like the daughter is due in here Thursday for a yet to be determined amount of time. I cannot figure out why she insists on living in the RGV hellhole. Her job is shit, as they cut her hours, and she had to take on another to make ends meet.

There is talk of change.



2 thoughts on “Back To Town Today

  1. Living in the RGV is enforced poverty. There are few high paying jobs there. I have only found a few radio stations I like, mostly ranchero music. Or mariachi. If you can find some 1940’s big band in spanish, I can listen to that for days…. Norteno reminds me of polka music in reverse. Lots like it, but it doesn’t do anything for me.

    We had some pop up storms last pm, too. They just grew, boomed out the great percussion section, and dropped about half an inch. Strange that they didn’t move, just blew up and died.

    I had a friend who’s dad had a pet doe. With a dog collar on her neck. he’d stake her out at times where he could watch her through the screen door. That door had lots of 30 caliber holes in it. Even when it wasn’t that season, when she was in season, the door was open…

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