WTF? Middle Name?

Let’s face it, people.

Many of us have middle names that are well, let’s say embarrassing, extremely odd, downright silly…

But this: as if being a creepy pedophile ain’t enough.


I have to admit, I never heard that one ‘afore. I have known lots of ladies named Robin, and even a guy named Robin back in the Boy Scouts…and of course, Robin Trower.

…but Robinette?

Little Robin? Baby Robin? Female Robin? after Smurfette?

Speaking of Robin Trower

8 thoughts on “WTF? Middle Name?

  1. “Digital” Joe fits him very nicely, and we’re not talking technology. Tara getting it digitally scores right up there with Monica and her blue dress. And some people were shocked when Jimmy lusted in his heart for other women-I wonder if Roseylyn threw a vase at him like Hil did with Slick. But hey, they are all normal d-rats.

  2. Thanks for the tune down memory lane, and for the humor about the Bidenette fella. I’m particular to the relation to “raisinettes”, which is also used as a slang term for deer and rabbit turds, because of their size and shape. Joseph Rabbit Turd Biden. Has a fluidity to it, don’t you think?

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