Hmm, sounds like it could be the title of a book.

No doubt, the shitstorm that’s coming could certainly be worthy of such.

Senator Ted Cruz of Texas, makes sense in his claim that “a 4-4 Supreme Court cannot make any decisions. Without a deciding vote, the Court is useless”…paraphrased.

The demoratz should see this, or maybe that’s what they want…no SCOTUS decisions until after the sanctioned riots end…they likely will continue until some law enforcement agency with a set of balls does what needs to be done.

I read over at Irish’s place about a suggestion made that the antifa are not just starting forest fires…they are burning down houses and cabins…

BLM are now threatening to escalate the violence if a new Supreme Court Justice gets nominated

Pelosi has her own idea of how to stop Trump from nominating another justice.

Democraps are now stating that if a new justice is appointed, the dems will “pack the court” in 2021.

I laff at this, you dumbass liberal demorats…the only way to do that is to win the election, and with Sleepy Joe Biden in charge, the dems do not have a chance in hell to ‘pack the court’.

I have another idea…go “pack sand up your asses”.

6 thoughts on “Back To SCOTUS

  1. Yep, things will definitely get crazy. You have a link about antifa burning stuff, i saw a link to a video where some muslim is telling other muslimes to burn down the west coast. Maybe they are tied together.

  2. The Dems have publicly stated many times that a Trump ‘victory’ would be immediately protested against, ramping up the chaos already done now. So why have an election at all – just give them what they want and we immediately ramp back down to normal.

    That is what they are running on. They can’t state why Biden will be a better POTUS – we all have eyes and ears and know that instinctively. Which will do what it takes to make (and keep) America Great ?

    So now Peolosi wants to charge Trump for impeachment for doing his job as the POTUs (nominating a new justice). RBG dies just prior to what will be a contested election result should Trump win (Dems have publicly stated this) but they lost a sure win on that one.

    Dead Supreme Court Justice. A senile man as their candidate. And nothing to run on. The hits just keep on coming on Democrats. Stealing the election is their only hope.

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