Project Update Con’t

This pic shows the hunk of sheetrock removed from the right side of the hole to allow for moving the cabinet over.

As it turns out, the wife measured the mirror edge, instead of the cabinet edge; thus making the hole to wide to the left.

Counting to ten now….

I cut a 1″ strip off of the sheetrock (quite a feat with a utility knife), and placed it on the right side, and put in the cabinet.

“No” said the wife, it’s still too far left.


Here’s what I did

I cut a couple of 1×1 to fit. Glued them to header, and used the piece cut from the sheetrock on the left.

Crude? indeed. The cabinet fits.

Hopefully, sanding will work and the painting will cover the rest of the anomalies.

Looks like I have the “not a drywall person” gene…I’m OK with that.

After sanding, I cleaned off dust with wet towel, and applied another layer of plaster…I hope that’s enough. We’ll see.

10 thoughts on “Project Update Con’t

  1. When I was in high school I had a part time job with a mud crew. It is an art. I can eventually get walls and corners right but ceilings was something I never got close with. With existing wallpaper I would have ripped everything out and started over. Wallpaper is difficult if not impossible to get off if it was installed right.

    • There is nothing about this that was done right to begin with. I hope my nightmare is not just beginning…
      I used to marvel at drywall crews do what they did..definitely is an art, and I am not an artist…except maybe with words…from time to time.

      • I have a 4 day weekend coming up. If you start feeding the deer corn I might drive 1000 miles with a deer rifle and some Sheetrock knives.Provided the DNR are nowhere around.

  2. Of the many things i am not good at, sheetrock and patching the seams is at the top of the list. when I get done it looks like the bottom end of a mongolian clusterfuck.

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