The Flickering Light

The wife is doing some painting on the patio. It required some light fixture removal; there are three of them. One by the main door to the patio. Another by the other door from the bedroom to the patio. The third is between the others on the crossover section of the house between the main house, and the bedroom section.

Imagine if you will, a sideways block capital U. ⊂ with the open end facing the back yard. Got it? OK.

I prefer the dusk til dawn light bulbs in the fixtures, or with a dusk til dawn screw in sensor into which the LED screws. The switch has to be turned on, obviously, all the time. I only use the one light as it is plenty to illuminate the patio.

While watching TV at night, we can see the light on the patio.

I had to replace the LED by the main door as it just ‘burned out’, after years of use.

The new bulb is a 6500K daylight LED bulb; my preferred color of light and brightness.

Soon after I replaced the bulb, we noticed flickering from time to time, for no obvious reason. It never did it before.

I realize there are tiny transformers inside the bulbs, and a circuit card to rectify the voltage from AC to DC. I thought maybe the new bulb put a different load on the circuit, but that thought was a reach.

Anyway, the flickering continued. There was no pattern. It was totally random, and sometimes the flickering actually went dark for a moment, then come back on.


After a tiny investigation, the wife figured it out: kittycat.

Yes, the ratfuck bastard kittycat has been jumping up on the ledge, and going after the light. Of course it can’t actually grab onto it, but it can jump off the ledge, and hit the light, thus causing the flicker.

Under the light fixture, is a woodbox, that is largely now used as a shelf, but I do have some pinion wood in it, should I ever again decided to fire up the chiminea.

The woodbox lid is covered with various types of gardening sprayers, poisons, weed killers, and fertilizers.

Nearly every day, we find the sprayers knocked to the ground, along with other objects as well. When the kittycat attacks the light fixture, it lands on the woodbox, thus knocking shit off the top.

Now we know.

I told the wife I was gonna put a rat trap on the ledge under the fixture (upside down), so when tripped it’ll send that kittycat 3 feet into the air. We will see if kittycats in fact, can learn new things.

The wife was horrified as if I was going to skin that sombitch alive…”no no no” I said emphatically “it’ll just scare the shit out of it”.

She said NFW.

My second plan is to put a 5 gallon bucket on top of the woodbox with maybe  two gallons of water. Not enough to drown the poor bastard, but enough to trap his sorry ass and keep him wet all night. I may wait on that until she goes to the doc.

We need outside lighting here, given we’re in the country, and the dusk til dawn lights are perfect.

Now, we had to leave the one off that served us so well because of the ding dang kittycat, and will turn on the middle fixture from now on.

Allow me to bottom line it: we have changed our entire Operational Security procedure for a goddam kittycat.

I assure you, this is only temporary.

Or, I could just take the lid off the wood box, and leave a surprise in when the kittycat lands.

Or just removed the wood box completely, allowing it to drop to the patio floor; hard.

4 thoughts on “The Flickering Light

  1. Clear the landing zone, place either a thin plywood slab or piece of cardboard, with it hanging 3-4″ over the lip of the box. Place some empty cans with pebbles or pennies in them on the back of the board.

    Cat will jump up, land, flip the board, cans will fly, make a metric fuckton of noise.



    For fun, add some of those snap-n-pops.

    Good luck.

  2. Got a fence charger? Not sure about cats but once a dog gets his nose shocked he’ll stay away from the wire for the rest of his life. Or get some of that really sticky mouse catcher paper-a little tuna bait should get kitty to drop her guard enough so she gets her paws stuck on the mouse paper.

    • If I gotta go out and tend to a wailing kittycat with paper paws or crying because of a voltage shock means more work for me…and explaining.
      I have priced fence chargers, and they are reasonable. they would help with deer too.

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