I Want One

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First developed by expeditionary warfare engineers from the Naval Surface Warfare Center Crane Division, multiple Avenger units “have been built, fielded, and used in combat,” according to TechLink, which first reported the existence of the system in 2018.

The Avenger can hold an additional 150 additional rounds of standard-issue 7.62mm ammunition compared to 500-round systems already in the U.S. inventory, according to TechLink, with a 50 percent reduction in the pack’s weight, down to just nine pounds.

10 thoughts on “I Want One

  1. The amount of gear not including weapon and ammo is about 90 pounds. The Army’s 500 round ammo backpack is very heavy. 100 rounds of 7.62 weighs just under 6 pounds and that doesn’t include the belt. 150 rounds is 9 pounds. Something is not right with their specs

      • Been there, but it has been a while. The boots, uniform, body armor, helmet w/ night vision, full canteen or camelback, med kit, fixed blade knife, grenade pouches w/ 2 grenades, knee pads, MRE, and personal wipes was right at 80-85 pounds. Add 8 lbs for a gas mask. I also got to carry a 30lb radio and add a M9, holster and 3 loaded magazines in addition to the M-16 and 10 loaded 30-round magazines. This was all during training.

        I never went outside of the wire unless I was being transported to another secured location except for convoy duty. I was a commo guy not a grunt. Those guys were a lot tougher and had my utmost respect.

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