Project Day 2



Tomorrow, I wax.

I made it into town to purchase the air filter and two gallons of anti freeze. Which anti freeze? I asked them..If it’s orange, use orange…it it’s green use green..they said.

Well toodle dee do. I am color blind.

Orange and green anti freeze looks the same to me.

I bought two greens as the leaked anti freeze looked like that green slime shit that eventually the kids leave in the carpet. I should have just paid for it online and picked it up. It would have been cheaper…why, I do not know. Hell, the site said they would have delivered it same day too…I ain’t that far gone.

I vacuumed out the airbox, and replaced the filter. While doing that, I left the truck running, with the radiator cap off, and filled the radiator. I put the cap on, and let it come up to temp, and added some antifreeze to the reservoir. I should still put a clamp on the bottom reservoir hose…just in case.

No squeaks. No leaks. After running for 20 minutes, I pulled the truck up to the house driveway, and washed it. That pretty much did me in. A stiff north wind dried the truck and did not have to use my new chamois.

Back to the shed where I’ll wax tomorrow.

The engine died once while warming up. I bought the cheap gas a few months ago, added some octane booster, and a bottle of Heet, with some stabilizer…probably not a good idea. Nothing I can do now except drive it and burn off some gas. No more buying the 87 octane.

The shop vac I found in the shed has not been used by me until today. it worked fine. I’ll likely use it to vac out the inside cab and the wife’s car too.

All in all, a good day.

Now I await the shitstorm that accompanies all good things.

5 thoughts on “Project Day 2

  1. It looks nice. When was the last time you changed you fuel filter?

    The clearcoat is pealing on the passenger side of my truck and the paint is pealing on the hood. My paint is shot. It looks like the hood, right fender, and door have all been repainted sometime in the past before I got it as there is little to no clearcoat. A paint job is way down my list on things I am going to do.

  2. Fuel injected engines shouldn’t stall. I’m with Tsquared; change the fuel filter. If that doesn’t do it, your fuel pump is probably trotting toward Valhalla… Good times…

    There’s regular “green” antifreeze. Then there’s the orange “long life” antifreeze. You can use the orange antifreeze in a vehicle built for the regular stuff. You DON’T want to use the green stuff in a vehicle built for the long life stuff. You’ll end up with corrosion issues. Prestone sells “universal” antifreeze now. ‘Works in any vehicle… …It’s orange…

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