Project Day 3

I waxed the pickup today.

It took almost an hour and a half. Looks shiny once again.

Tomorrow, air compressor.

When the money tree blooms, I’ll get the equipment necessary to replace the fuel filter.

I found jack stands and a floor jack at Northern Tool for less than Ebay had them.

I made a run to town in the truck and no fuel problems; stalling, staggering, sputtering, none. Still, I understand preventative maintenance.

New tires too, are on the list of money tree items.

I have to go to Boerne in the next day or two to get blood work prior to the doc teleconference next week. That’s about a 40 mile trip one way.

It never ends.

2 thoughts on “Project Day 3

  1. I am with you on that money tree blooming thing. I have spent a shitload of money on parts for the trruck i am driving on my trip.

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