Californya To Mandate “Reparations”

I’ve seen some desperate attempts to get re-elected, but this is a topper

NEWSOM: California ‘First State to Mandate the Development of Proposals for Reparations’

Commiefornia Governor “Lefty” Newsom has announced they will study and propose reparations to black folks for slavery.

Hmm…so many things wrong with this..

Lefty Newsom just mandated to do away with gasoline burning engines by the year 2035..which would make po’ folk back walkin’ to work to the fields again, ‘cuz only rich people can afford electric cars…’ceptin’ for the Chevy Volt that obamski forced on us, that turned out to be a shameful disgrace to auto manufacturers across the planet.

Reparation payment will give Negroes money to get their electric cars..and to pay the expensive rent and expensive homes they will  have to move into when they get there.

So, any Negro with a brain will be moving to California to get their fair share of free money..I mean, why not? Food stamps, free cell phones, free internet isn’t enough?

This would be a really bad time to be a conservative in Californya, knowing that your taxes will go to paying Negroes for being enslaved, even though the state was known as a “free state” back in the days of slavery.

How much will it be worth to the average Negro?

5 thousand dollars per person?

25 thousand dollars?

100 thousand dollars?

a million dollars?

Absolutely frickin’ ridiculous.

Californians already suffer from huge taxation. No doubt, this will create a new tax infringed on taxpayers.

Time to get out.

11 thoughts on “Californya To Mandate “Reparations”

  1. I’d agree to reparations if they can prove they were a slave and also prove that I owned slaves, otherwise F off! They’ve been getting reparations for over 150 years already.

  2. All that is going to be left in Kalifornia are hispanic illegals and blacks. I have a buddy that works at the satellite farm in Riverside that is stuck there for two more years before he can retire. He has been working on a off-the-grid cabin in SW Wyoming for the past few years.

      • He bought land back around 2008 just after he got transferred to Riverside from Atlanta. He got it cheap and there is nothing near by. Back when he poured the concrete slab for his cabin he couldn’t get a cement truck to deliver so he hauled all of the materials in and poured it a half yard at the time with a portable mixer. I do know he changed his primary residence to Wyoming a few years back even though he only spends about 3 to 4 weeks per year there. When he started this he bought a F-350 flatbed duelly 4×4 with the 7.3 Power Stroke so he could haul everything he needed in there. He has the windmills and solar panel field that supply electricity to battery banks but he does have a back-up generator. He has done most of the work himself except for the deep well.

  3. ‘Hate to bust the “first state” bubble Newsom, but both Colorado… and Texas… beat CA to the “task force” law being signed. That being said, I don’t know how much more money these people want. Most of the blacks in my town are on welfare, live in Section Eight rentals, which, by the way, have RUINED my town, get food stamps, subsidized utilities, free phones, …the list goes on and on… “Reparations” will just give them ANOTHER excuse to sit on the porch, drink, get high, engage in “peaceful protests,” and not look for work. I have no problem with black people. I DO have a problem with these dindus.

    This is yet another blatant means of buying poor votes with taxpayer money. Somehow though, TRUMP is responsible for the racial divide in this country…

    This is NOT going to end well…

  4. A conservative from California is a left wing liberal anywhere else most of the time.
    Kill the politicians if they pass “Reparations”. As with “Don’t Ask Don’t Tell”, reparations will mutate into inferred rights for a protected “some” but not you yet you will pay the financial cost.
    If Americans don’t revolt why should the democrats fear you? They are already stealing 20-45% of your income in various taxes and you don’t protest. They are giving rioter’s carte blanc yet will jail you if you physically defend yourself from democrats burning your home or business.
    It is incredibly stupid to invite liberal Californians into your home state or town. Again, you don’t realize that most conservatives from California are left wing liberal anywhere else. And like all liberals, they think they are smarter than the locals and you should sit down and shut up because they are going to save you from yourself. I hate the Californians that have infested my home town and state. There is zero benefit having liberal Californians move to your state or home town, ZERO and encouraging them is catastrophically stupid.

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