I Am Searching For A New Blog Host

As of Today, I am looking for a new blog host.

This Wordpiss is absolutely insane…

Wordpiss deletes posts while they are still drafts…

Wordpiss publishes posts before they are finished…

Wordpiss deletes content of posts when published, posting just a title


Some may say, “Hey X! whaddaya want for nuthin’?”

I’ll tell you…I want it the way it used to be, that’s all I want.

When I find a suitable new one, I’ll leave a link up for a couple of weeks, then I’ll delete the whole fuckin’ thing.

Fuck you WordPress.

I jumped ship from blogspot when I figured out they were Google, and came here..now Google owns your sorry asses too.

Same old liberal censorship.

8 thoughts on “I Am Searching For A New Blog Host

      • They must not be very observant then, almost every blog has something against creepy joe. F em if they can’t take a joke. If you find a good host, let us know, i am not averse to switching myself. If i knew how i would host blogs myself.

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