FM, Dude

This was the original post that “disappeared” yesterday…By Fucking Magic, it reappeared in my drafts.

I got up at 7 today to get in the early line at the state inspection station. As it turns out, there was no waiting. The gal came out while I was sitting in the truck and says “turn on your left blinker, right blinker, lights, brights now brake lights.”

She hopped in a drove it around the block to check the brakes…they didn’t even check under the hood. In and out and home by 10:30.

They did mention that one of the headlights pointed off to the ditch…one of the new ones I replaced. I checked it when I got home and just removed and replaced it. It was better.

I recall back in the 70s when the inspection stations used to charge me $2 per headlight to adjust them every year…now, as long as they’re on, it’ll pass.

It was probably the quickest inspection I ever got.

Tomorrow is payday for me, so back to the big city for grocery shopping.

I read an article today against early voting. WTF? Who wants to stand in line on the 3rd for hours? I could have gone today, but was revelling in my success over the quick inspection. I have voted early as far back as I can remember, and will continue to do so.

If Wordpiss can arbitrarily delete posts…then… well…that’s just wrong.

Privately confidential to Jay over at Eat Gruel Dog..

One of the ads that appears frequently on your site is that of Duck Duck Go. Duck Duck Go has been busted recently for selling information of users of said browser to Google. Whether DuckDuckGo tracks the users or not, they still sell it…just sayin’.

Here’s one

They lie.

6 thoughts on “FM, Dude

  1. I need to get the truck inspected also. I changed the fuel pump last week and it disgusted me with how the paint looked. I am doing a driveway paint job. I shot the bed and rear of the truck and the wind kicked up. I now need to sand off what I shot on the sides of the bed due to leaves sticking to the paint. Once I get the bed mated with the truck again I will run it down to the inspection station. They will need to change the color from Silver to tuxedo metal-flake. It is black but has a purplish hue.

    The wife is headed to New England for a long weekend. I hope to have the paintjob complete by the time she returns.

      • It took half an hour to get back to a printable surface. I am going to prep the rest of the truck so I can spray it in the garage.The wife will be leaving tomorrow and returning Monday from a visit with the daughter. I am turing the pealing silver Ranger into an almost black metalflake with a purplish hue. It is supposed to be a medium gray metalflake.

        I had a friend in high school who’s dad had a garage and a paint shop. He was the local hot rodder. I learned the basics on body work, laying down paint, swapping a cam, and swapping gears in a third member. I took a wore out 8 year old pickup swapped the engine, changed the cam/intake/carb, swapped the transmission, and stuck a 3/4 ton rear axle under it. Then painted it. It was still wore out inside the cab but it would run a high 12 second 1/4 mile once I got good tire under it.

  2. I had my truck inspected in September. Even checked the window tinting to be sure it was up to spec – 1st time I’ve had that done in front of me. Inspector was sharp – noticed I had two missing lug nuts on passenger front tire, but just told me about it for my safety and didn’t stop the inspection until fixed. Tags purchased at HEB – done deal.

    It was very quick as well – I appreciated it. I bought lug nuts from O-Reilly’s on the way home – $3 each.

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