Remember When I Said…

That SIL insisted on driving down to pick up the wife, and take her back to Ft Worth to see the docs?

And that BIL was going to drive? Because BIL likes to drive?

And BIL fixed up a bed in the back of the van so SIL could sleep during he 5 hour trip? Down and back?

And the wife said ‘no thanks, I can drive’?

And SIL insisted that SIL and BIL make the trip so the wife won’t have to? Because BIL likes to drive?

And that I suspected that SIL had volunteered BIL’s services for this cockamamy idea without really thinking it through? of any variables that may affect the plans?

Well, it’s official. Looks like I’m driving to Ft Worth Thursday to pick up the wife, then return the same day.

Well shit. This just cements my dislike and mistrust of SIL.

I am now counting to 10, and likely will do so several more times by end of day Thursday.

This whole brainless idea was SIL’s from the getgo. SIL has this ceaseless desire to see how her sister is doing so SIL can compare it with hers.

Since there is no longer an open invitation to SIL to come for a visit, she had to push the idea on the wife to suit SIL’s curiosity. SIL forced the idea on the wife that SIL was doing this “for her own good”. That pretty much sums up SIL’s pathetic life.

And now, SIL is unable to deliver, due to BIL’s damaged disk, on which he will undergo surgery Nov 1. No doubt in my mind that his back injury is a result of SIL’s incessant demands to improve her situation to ‘keep up with the sisters’ kind of thing.

It just killed SIL when we had our pool down in McAllen…KILLED her. Then, baby SIL now has a pool too. It eats at SIL on the inside, and now she has a pool too…an above ground pool…not what she wanted. Do you think she will be the one taking care of it? Hell no. I fear BIL’s days are numbered.

Take notice that there was absolutely no talk of SIL driving the wife back, as SIL cannot be unsupervised for more than a few hours, due to her diabetes. She cannot take care of herself, and requires BIL to stay on top of SIL’s blood sugar levels.

The actual number of car accidents SIL has had due to low blood sugar is a secret, unknown by all except BIL, who always deals with the aftermath. SIL is unable to complete the journey on her own.

So now, her physical shortcomings have trickled down to me this time.


I think I’ll have the wife pack all her stuff she leaves at SIL’s, and bring it home. From now on, I’ll drive the wife up myself, and we’ll stay in a hotel. Then, I’ll block and delete SIL’s number from the wife’s phone…

it was just a thought…a nice one while it lasted.

6 thoughts on “Remember When I Said…

  1. I sympathize with you. At least i don’t have to deal with the bil and sil here. He is the biggest sucker of worthless cocks i have ever seen.

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