Other Option

I got a call from BIL this morning, offering to meet me halfway in delivery of the wife tomorrow, instead of me driving 10 hours up and back.

Sounded good to me, but I have not OK’d it with the wife as currently, she is undergoing her drip treatment.

He wanted to meet at a Buc-ees outside of Temple, about a 6 hour drive for me…much better than 10…round trip.

The only downside is that it would be 5:00 meeting; peak rush hour on I35, and would end up making the last leg of the trip in the dark.

Will see what the wife says, and I cannot see why not.

She has presented me with BIL’s situation saying he is undergoing crippling pain dealing with his pinched nerve.

“Not so” said he, explaining that he had in fact been outside shovelling sand, and running wheelbarrows full of said substance around the back yard.

They (he) also offered to pay for a hotel so I wouldn’t have to make a U turn and drive back, even then offering to pay for half a hotel.

I guess they don’t get it that I SHOULDN’T BE HAVING TO MAKE THE DRIVE AT ALL!

Will see what the wife says.

Nevertheless, I’ll be making a road trip tomorrow.

I tried to update my Garmin, but cannot due to the incompatibility of the executable file in Linux. It could be done, but I am unfamiliar with the Linux terminal errors I am getting, so I’ll just drive blindly that direction like I always do.

2 thoughts on “Other Option

  1. 10 hours one way? Daaaam thats a long drive. I drove to Santa Maria and back today thats about 7 and i was flat give out when i got home.

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