What A Buncha Idiots…And More

Colorado opens a new burger franchise out of Kommiefornia, called In-N-Out..a 12-14 hour wait for those idiots who want to wait


It was the same back in ’02 when Krispy Creme donuts opened their doors in Colorado. Lines, lines, and more lines blocked frontage roads and clogged traffic.

Speaking of idiots, Comrade Obamski, during a visit on a late night talk show said “we’d just send in Navy Seals to remove him”. I say send Obamski and Moochelle to “remove the President”. Then, I’d like to hear Trump proclaim “arrest those two for trespassing”.

Speaking of President Trump of course, assuming Trump would act like a child and refuse to leave the White House…

Almost like Swillary did when the Clintons were forced out of the White House back in 2000. Hillary Clinton even stole silverware from the White House…which she supposedly gave back.

If President Trump does in fact end up losing the election, I have no doubt that he will be out of the White House in plenty of time for the Biden Clown Show, when it arrives in all their Volkswagons.

Comrade Obamski is pandering to the liberals by making them think he is still President, and has absolute power over all.

And they believe it…at least the media does. but wait…more idiocy to come..


Yes boys and girls, Gov “Nipply” Cuomo of New York, the murderer of Grandma and Grandpa, is getting an Emmy. ‘Course, it’s a meaningless Emmy from abroad; come to think of it, even US Emmy awards are meaningless and worthless…like Cuomo.

And, no surprise, Fucker Carlson, the infamous flip flopper from Fox News, again switches sides concerning the growing evidence of vote tampering.


Like a huge pile of dogshit, he won’t be going away anytime soon…like Obamski.

Apparently, he just changed his mind.

Some good news…

Kyle Ritttenhouse was released from jail after getting $2 million dollar bond posted, largely from a donation from Rick Schroeder.

10 thoughts on “What A Buncha Idiots…And More

  1. Krispy Kreme donuts are terrible. They taste like solvent to me. In n Out burgers are good, but not good enough to stand in line that long. The fries are ok, they are made from real potatoes.

    • I too did not understand the idiocy of waiting in line for Krispy Kreme…where I used to live, the donuts were far superior. Never had an In and Out burger…nor White Castle…some folks seem to live and die for them.

  2. I’ll take an In-N-Out burger over a White Castle any time. White Castle was always “2AM Food” on Friday nights. As much as I miss In-N-Out, I wouldn’t wait in line for that length of time. The location they’ve picked for the one opening up here is gonna be a mess for traffic.

  3. I tried the In-n-Out burgers when I had projects on the left coast – I wasn’t impressed. Waiting in line for fast food? That is a big nope. It happened here last summer when a Popeye’s opened about 8 miles away. The next closest is about 20 miles in the other direction.

    The courts will decide the election. There is so much fraud and the news media proclaiming Biden a winner while suppressing the info about the lawsuits. Half of America is watching CNN, ABC, CBS, BBC, ABC, and Fox that has all sucked up to the Dems ignoring the massive fraud that are clueless of what is going on. What sane person will vote for a candidate that tells you he is going to increase your taxes, shut down coal and limit oil production, and do away with private healthcare?

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