OK, Fun’s Over

From Phil

“As soon as Christmas limps by and 2021 comes to life this entire country is going to be a powder keg with a lit fuse sending smoke and sparks skyward with a probable blast radius that matches the circumference of the globe give or take a few inches.”

You got that right, pal. I only hope there are others that share our projected views of what is to come next year. All the talk of gun control by Sleepy Joe has all the Patriots up at arms over the AR-15 and AK-47 tax…so he says anyway. Truth or not, it has lots of good folks riled. Perhaps another distraction

I have not seen it openly discussed by anyone in the new Regime, but I would not be surprised if mandatory vaccinations became a reality next year. The sheeple following the New World Order would be given an ID or perhaps just a simple tattoo on the forehead stating “I’m A Fool For Biden; Who’s Fool Are You?” Those persons would need a “whap!” from a collapsible baton, which are now legal in Texas, as are tomahawks to carry…yep, it’s true. When were you arriving?

Mandatory masks at a federal level as well as mandatory vaccinations would be challenged in the Not So Supreme Court. Given recent cowardly activity by SCOTUS, it would be a quick in and out case, thanks to that strip of yellow down Robert’s back.

So, what do we do?

If the Dems get their foothold in Congress, there will be nothing to stop them, except patriots when the gun control people come to your door..

Although I have not personally looked into it, I am certain that there are independent militias operating in every state; some just Constitutional defenders, others more extreme.

The American militia is not by definition an entity of oppression or intimidation, but rather the last defence against those who would dance on the edges of our US Constitution, and infringe on our rights.

The Bill Of Rights, is likely the most controversial political football of our time. Why? Because the Democrats don’t like it. Even the halfrican said “it gets in his way”.

Liberals and Democrats stomp on our Constitution saying it’s outdated, and needs to be rewritten…yeah, rewritten to suit THEM. Yet, when a Democrat is on the witness stand, they cower behind the 5th amendment.

With the FBI now being ruled by an unknown entity, likely The Anti-Christ, there is really no one to defend us against our liberties being destroyed by the Washington politicians.

Are you in a militia group? Good for you. Some of them here in Texas require an application to be members, others just require one to have their own gear, and train with them as required.

Start your own? Sure. If you have a group of close friends that you trust your life, home, and family to, then by all means do so.

I would think a local militia group’s #1 priority would be to defend those within the group’s homes and families if an illegal attempt is made to capture or seize other’s assets.

If you go this route, it might be a good idea to seek out others in your area, to form a larger more potent group.

Militias have gotten a bad rap in recent years, I mean, what’s the first image you have when you hear or read the words “militia group”? A bunch of armchair weekend warriors with face paint and firearms?

As pointed out above, militias were the first to form during the American Revolution, and will be here during the next, and afterwards.

The initial purpose is to DEFEND, not to instigate skirmishes; unless absolutely necessary.

If you’re looking to no more than attack the feds and powers that be, there are those out there that can do that as well…likely would require some serious vetting, and would not allow “walk-ups” to join.

Defence of one’s home in times of reckless and unsubstantiated government incursion, requires more than one guy in his second story window popping shots off at those who would do you harm. However, if you have 6 buddies or so, that changes the odds enough to warrant more serious thought on the part of the PTB.

When they regroup, so do you.

One cannot do it alone.

First and foremost, you must be able to trust all without any doubt whatsoever. Anyone with loose lips can turn you in to authorities, building you up to a level of threat that could be devastating. Trust is the key.

For those of you in Texas, there are several groups including one that organizes by area code.




Are militia groups legal? Apparently, the more organized they are, the more illegal they are.

That is why discretion is important.

And it seems that interpretation is important as well.

Irregulars and Militias – Are Militias Still Legal in Texas?


As long as your group doesn’t parade around in camo gear, helmets, and firearms in public, you should be all right. Yes, even in Texas where open carry is allowed, anyone carrying a sidearm openly, gets attention…that’s just the way it is. Be smart.

Now might be a good time to feel out some of your buddies, and see where they stand on organizing…if you haven’t already done so.

4 thoughts on “OK, Fun’s Over

  1. I think one of the biggest fears is having government ‘plants’ installed to take names and record events for future prosecutions. Many a good intentioned group get raked over the coals over a comment made by others. To me, a community group made up of family makes the most sense, but even that can be compromised.

    I definitely see the need, its the process which appears to be nearly impossible. If the government behaved, there would be no need for a group to exist.

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