‘Nuther Update

After the visit from AR Park, we felt extremely lucky to have our water back in the kitchen; hot water too.

I got up this morning and dressed to go outside and turn on the water valve that controls the east side of the house, which includes the laundry and two bathrooms.

I turned it on, and walked around the east side to hear water running.

Come to find out that we left the hydrant running so as not to build up any pressure and allow the glue to set. The shut off valve does not shut the water off completely, so the hydrant would not allow any pressure build up in the system…probably a good idea.

The connection to the wall that we(he) repaired leaks. That will require drilling or chiseling away more of the grout between the flagstone chunks; perhaps even cutting out some wall on the inside. It was a good try.

In addition, I found another leak coming from between the foundation and the flagstone under the master bedroom window. That will require cutting out some of the wall behind the bed.

All in all, I believe we’re ahead of the game, thanks to our new friend.

The rest will wait  for a while until I get the wife to help move the king size mattresses away from the window to access the wall.

As I said, we have hot running water in the kitchen and front bathroom, and the wife agreed that was more important than clean bodies and clean clothes.

Our r/o system is back up too allowing me to begin refilling the five gallon jugs.

Thanks again to all who commented with support and praise of our fellow man.

I would go a step further in saying that this is the PVC aisle of every hardware store in Texas…Home Depot, Lowe’s, Joe’s True Value, Sam’s True Value, Edna’s PVC Joint, Phil’s Hardware, PVC Is Us, We Be PVC, PVC Heaven, Bob’s Plumbing Supply…

8 thoughts on “‘Nuther Update

  1. On my way back home, my “what’s the worst” game started up. And multiple leaks that didn’t show was top of the list. I was hoping and praying that little repair would work and nothing else would show up. For nought. With hot water in the kitchen you can sink bathe. I did that when the tub faucet failed last month. I was sore and stiff after that yoga exercise. Maybe you could wash each other’s backs, but beware of pulled muscles and such if it gets out of hand!!!

  2. There is nothing better than someone willing to go out of their way to help someone else. Good on you Mr. Park. And good on you Ex for writing this blog. When the sun sets on this episode, maybe we should all take a lesson and go visit the hardware store for some piping preps.

  3. Count youself lucky. Maybe in a couple of months old joe and the ho will decide to enlist FEMA to take charge of plumbing repairs throughout Texas. I can visualize the scheduling book right now: “Okay, Tex, we’ll put you down for August 23, 2024, and you should be darn glad we worked you in so early”.

    As I used to always tell the kids when something wasn’t quite up to snuff: “Pretend we are camping”.

  4. Good to hear this. I shipped a care package to west Texas to my cousin on Saturday. It contained an assortment of 1″ PVC connectors and dozen 2′ sections. US Mail overnight and it is hung up in Tennessee? This will get me a Aoudad hunt later in the season.

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