OS Crash…Again

Well that’s great.

Just in time to get back posting into the blogosphere, and the operating system crashed again.

You realize that when I reload it again, I have to enter passwords in every single site I visit…again.

I now realize that I will have to replace the HD…it’s a Seagate 500GB Momentus thin version; apparently not all that popular either. I ended up ordering a new one from NewEgg, which was where I bought the computer from back in ’14.

So be it.

I reloaded the OS again to keep on working, and here I be.

The new drive won’t be here until next week; Tuesday I think. I shoulda bought 2 in hindsight…but if I did that, I would likely NEVER use it…here come those negative waves again.

The wife is sitting here working on Turbo Tax and (gasp!) swearing out loud!

On a happier note, I see that Oklahoma is getting on the “FU Biden” bandwagon..


I see the UN is continuing to find new ways to piss me off

UN is transporting 25,000 asylum seekers to US from Mexico


25,000 huh.

Even with all my ammo, I would barely make a dent in that crowd. Should probably go to the source and start wasting UN employees…for starters.

It looks like Stupid Joe Biden didn’t want to be left out of the “Let’s Make War” club, and issued orders to bomb Syria.



Well, it looks like we’re going back to war again. Joe Biden decided to bomb Syria last night. I mean, the minimum wage cannot be included in the $ 1.9 trillion stimulus bill, the $2,000 relief check promise has been walked back, his OMB nominee, Neera Tanden, is about to go down in flames, and COVID deaths surpassed 500,000. I guess it was time to bomb something, right? Nothing gets America more riled up and united than when we bomb something, but after a decade of war, thousands of lives lost, and trillions spent on these nation-building projects in the Middle East that have only caused more instability, we’re done. Oh, and it’s also allowed Iran to increase its regional clout and they’re about to inch closer to acquiring nuclear weapons so—America is back, huh

I thought Congress had to approve war?

I guess I’m naive about such stuff…

I month in office? and Crazy Joe orders an airstrike? Holy crap! He still hasn’t won his game of pocket pool!

20 thoughts on “OS Crash…Again

  1. I went solid state on my drives ten years ago. I was going through a drive in a laptop every 9 months. I was so used to the HDD taking a dump I did a weekly full back and daily incrementals, I had a DVD Ghost image of my OS with everything but my data. When a drive crashed I would hit a computer store and buy a 500G external drive and crack it open for the drive. I could remove, replace, re-image, and restore my data in 3 hours. When I was forced to buy a solid state drive everything changed. It was the only 500G drive they had and my Ghost image required a 500G drive. That SSD is now in an enclosure that I use for backups. My current laptop has a 500G SSD. They are more expensive but they are worth it. With a disc drive the laptop lasted 2 hours on battery. With SSD I can run for 6 to 7 hours.

    My current 7 year old laptop has a broken case. The USB ports on that side are dead and I have to handle it with care but everything else works. The wife’s laptop has Windows 7 and needs re-imaging once a year as she loads it up with malware off Facebook links. Her laptop cannot support any Windows product past 7. We both could use new boxes but updating phones are a higher priority right now. If I had an extra $2 grand our old laptops would become Linux media and print servers. I had an ’04 Dell 610 doing that job until it had a hardware failure 2 years ago.

    • Tsquared, I have an older Vostro from Dell, it is at least eight years old with six gigs of memory, would a solid state drive work well in this lap top? I have not had any problem with mine, but I understand the SSD is faster to load and reliable. I have a 500GB Seagate HD and it is still plugging along. Like you I worry one day it takes a diarrhea shit…

      • I know just enough to be dangerous… I actually built my first computer and learned to program it, Radio Shack TS-80 and Commodore. I am an old fart for sure. The OS’s started getting too complicated and with all the geek bell and whistles and flashy lights and more complicated way to run a computer. Got bored with every week trying to learn a new OS or execute a commend line function…

      • You can get a SATA 500G drive for under $75 that should work in your Dell. They are faster and require less power.

      • this one was $39 plus shipping.
        My Dell is history, as it needs a motherboard which are no longer available.
        This laptop/notebook is an Acer. It has lasted longer than any Dell I have owned.

      • A buddy of mine, who was very computer literate, told me that every time one boots from an SSD, it loses some of the semi conductor, eventually crashing.
        I’ll stick with the old school drives until they are no longer available.

      • Solid State Drives are like a flash drive. No moving parts but the memory is all solid state. With repeat use a memory location will fail. It takes hundreds to thousands of of usage to degrade it to where it is not useable. The drive I bought 10 years ago is still 94% viable. The data remains until deleted and a failure to re-right happens.

        As far as duel boot, it works better to have duel drives to boot from with solid state. They do not like duel OS systems on the SSID drive. I have had a Win 98 on a SSID and a Linux Mint on a bootable USB with a Dell 610. It ran the Linux Mint most of the time as it was a print and media server.

      • Correction the duel boot Dell 610 had XP and not 98. I had a brain fart. Win 98 was the last duel boot on a single hard drive that I could get to work reliably. After that I had to trick the system in the BIOS.

        The BIOS was set for the boot order to be USB and then internal HDD. The HDD had Windows. I had a USB with Mint on it. If the USB was in the first USB slot it would boot Mint. If the USB was in either of the other two USB slots it would boot from the HDD and go into windows.

    • Boy ain’t that the truth! They think they are getting new parishioners and all they are getting is big bucks from .Gov and NGOs and they like the big bucks. People wonder why I am so utterly against organized religion. They are corrupt and anti Jesus, Bible? What is that, teaching the Word? I want to feel good, not have to confront my sin and study an old book….

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