Still OS Problems

I walked away from my computer for about an hour yesterday, leaving it on as I worked on some dinner. Upon my return, it was locked up.

I had shut off the screensaver, and had it set up not to sleep at all. The cursor was frozen, and it took several minutes before I had any control.

I have learned not to force power it down…that is just asking for trouble.

My new hard drive should be here tomorrow…I only hope it fits. I figure the one I am using has a bunch of ‘bad sectors’, and that is why the frequent problems.

With a brand new reload, it works fine for a while. I do not do any of the upgrades, as that too has caused problems.

I have three different Linux operating systems on disk I have tried, but all have failed in recent months since the problems began. Before that, it has lasted years without incident.

I have looked into buying a full blown PC, but it seems that the big guys, Dell, HP, and others all have Windows loaded. And now it seems that the SSD is being crammed down my throat…yes yes yes one can load Linux on an SSD or USB stick, but the info I have found requires Windows to prepare the hardware for such actions.

Even getting a CD/DVD drive is an option it seems, which is total bullshit, as I require a CD drive to load the Linux.

My current computer came bare bones without any operating system, which made it easy to use for a quite a while. I had issues loading a printer driver, but finally figured that out.

The wife says nothing as she uses her Mac Book, that she has had for many years without incident, even though she really does not have a clue how to use it, aside from surfing the web…computer science degree…HA!

I am really hoping that the new drive will alleviate all my issues…if not, I will have to make a more serious effort to start anew.

And if that’s not enough, we are still without water in the back bathrooms, and likely will not have running water back there for a month.

We are still working on some DVD shelves to house our collection that we don’t even watch any more, as we have seen everything 20 times, and know dialogue by heart. Still, to get them organized will make room for more shit.

Before the winter storm hit, I had ordered the wife a stereo so she could listen to her LP records. Of the two amps I have, neither has phono inputs, so it required a purchase of an amp/receiver with such. Of course, the cheapo amps do not have phono inputs so I had to buy a higher end amp.

Then, I figured I might as well get some decent speakers, and who doesn’t like good bass? so that required a subwoofer as well.

Then, we decided to get a CD burner to copy her albums to discs.

Then, might as well get a new CD changer on top of all that.

We found an old Bush TV stand I had bought for the old man back in ’83. I remember it distinctly as I bought if from JC Penney, and it came without hardware. I called the company, and they shipped it to me overnight, and that took a week to get that just before the big winter storm of ’83 at Christmas time.

A nice TV stand for a 19″ CRT television and VCR on casters.

You can see the subwoofer off to the side, the turntable, cd changer, and burner…amp on the way and speakers will be sitting on the shelf above the system.

It’s a decent sized hard wood cabinet with adjustable shelves, and plenty big enough to house the new equipment.

So, moving that into the kitchen/dining has displaced other furniture components, necessitating a rearrangement.

My computer sits on the kitchen table, as we normally eat in front of the TV in the evening in the front room. If I do cook breakfast, I eat while working on the computer…breakfast is never very elaborate. More often than not, we have only an evening meal.

Our 73″ Mitsubishi TV in the back bedroom is no longer used. It works fine, but we stole the Yamaha 5.1 sound system, and moved it to the living room where the 50″ plasma is located.

We have discussed moving the Mitsubishi into the living room, but it doesn’t quite fit in the space allotted. Given our seating and proximity to the TV, the plasma is fine, and actually has better resolution than the Mitsubishi, as the bigger TV is technically a projection TV…still…

I know, first world problems…we reek of them here.

I want to change the channel, but the remote is over there.

I’m gonna have to make a run to the big city to the UPS store to return the tuner I ordered. The original amp I ordered did not have a tuner, and I ordered one. As it turns out, the original amp is backordered from the manufacturer, so I ordered another with a tuner; hence the return.

And might as well get groceries too. It seems that the local chain has ceased doing their advertising specials, saying something to the effect that the suppliers are not able to keep up with the necessary trucking and routes to keep the stores adequately supplied.

All components have been received except the new amp (scheduled delivery tomorrow) and the speakers are still stuck in Atlanta, and likely pilfered by a UPS employee.

The new system is for the wife so she can play her albums. She and I have quite different tastes in music…when I was jamming to Led Zeppelin, she was listening to Burt Bacharach and Henry Mancini..she also has a whole bunch of 45s from the sixties, that her late brother collected..and some other records…they may be 78s, I don’t know.

More rain today like yesterday, so no outside work.

It’s gonna get a little colder for the next few days as well, after all, it is still winter.

Just a mindless ramble today folks.

I saw that Bubba made a post on his blog yesterday, with a reference to Phil. Bubba was one of the original pals I made when I first started blogging some years ago. I think it was he that had “titty Tuesday”…it was a big hit.

4 thoughts on “Still OS Problems

  1. I really dislike the current hardware-eating software. I got an MCSE in the late 90’s for NT 4.0. I think that was peak windows, or close to it. The best physical security back then was knowing the keyboard shortcuts and not having a mouse. (It worked well) Even then, the answer for a slow computer was more memory. It’s a racket. No doubt. Good luck with your replacement hd. I bet it works out.

    I like vinyl, too. That setup will be very nice. Get the moon rock needle. They are the best!! 😉

  2. I have ripping component stereo system. Bose 301 speakers. Marantz equalizer, Pioneer Receiver/amp, Pioneer turntable, Alpine double cassette deck, Mitsubishi DAC, and Teac reel to reel. It is in the basement. The wife doesn’t like the speakers so it got exiled to the basement. That system will thump at 40%. Anything beyond that is way too much. The music system in the den is a chineasium all in one CD, turntable, AM/FM, CD, Cassette unit with on board speakers. It is ok but the component system will rock the workshop or the cul-de-sac if I turn it up. My component system has some modern pieces but most of it is 30+ years old.

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