‘Nuff Said


Take a look at the videos in the above link. Crazy Joe cannot get through the speeches without stumbling and stammering his words…admits “what am I doing here?”

Just say no to Joe.

Defeat The Gun Control Mega Bill!– StopHR127.com

It would seem to me that if the Feds think they can charge $800 per year for a license, then that is an infringement on my right to bear arms…period.

15 thoughts on “‘Nuff Said

  1. HR127: Unconstitutional from the first word on. So… if Biden signs an unconstitutional bill into law, making you a felon if you own a gun without a license… a CLEAR “infringement” of the 2A, who’s actually breaking the law?…

    If that thing passes, consider me a felon…

  2. …Never mind the $800.00 application fee for that license…

    My rights as an American aren’t up for negotiation…

  3. Infringement after infringement – and of course NONE of the provisions go after criminals, not a single one. The infringements ONLY go after Law Abiding Citizens and we ain’t the problem they claim to be trying to fix……………………

  4. I always wondered how Clinton would have felt is some bozo offered Chelsea an internship and soon thereafter had her on her knees giving his ding-dong a tongue lashing? Maybe that would be enough to get the smirk off his face.

  5. Hey I just heard on the radio you guys are opening up businesses and lifting mask requirements starting march 10! Hooray and congratulations!

  6. exactly how many drive-by’s have been done with fitty cals? so mandatory insurance for guns, but none for illegal alien drivers that routinely crash into innocent citizens? well i don’t give a crap, illegal laws are null and void the moment they are signed. i consider it my duty to resist.

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