What A Day

And the floodgates opened; those of FedEx and UPS. Packages galore.

I began to the day installing my new hard drive…took me about 15 minutes. I spent the rest of the day loading operating systems; Linux 15, 17,19, finally downloading a new version 19.3 and installing it, which is where I am now.

The wife decided to make a run to the big city and do some stuff while I sweated and cursed trying to get my computer working…

Meanwhile, the rest of the stereo components arrived so between fighting the Linux OS, I set up and connected the new system…

The Linux 17 version I had would not allow me to access my email…no way no how…the older 19 version I have will load and work, but eventually will crash…trash that one..the 15 version works but needed about 600 updates to be current…screw that, so now 19.3..seems to be working. Hopefully, it will for years as did the original install.

The new sound system jams. I started it up with a CD Holst’s The Planets starting with Mars…a good loud tune to check the subwoofer, new speakers, and eardrums.

Now to start working on building the wife’s new 4 wheel cart to haul  stuff around..I’ll have her start with the rock pile in the front..

I shall return.


13 thoughts on “What A Day

      • I found where I can download, but does it imports all my bookmarks and will it allow my Malware and Ccleaner to transfer and my accounting software also?

      • You won’t need malware or virus packages for Linux. Linux is not prone to viruses at all, although it is remotely possible.
        It comes complete with a windows like office suite as well.

      • Linux is a REPLACEMENT for Windoze. It’s a complete Operating System with programs that do the same things as Windoze programs, but have different names. You don’t need malware and cleaning programs because the Linux Operating System keeps itself clean, and offers very high security if you follow the rules.

  1. At least ya get to do it with out the damn slave mask! Your gov’ner signed an EO to drop that and open up business!

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