Texas Trashes Mask Mandate, and Reopens

I’m sure you’ve read by now that Governor Abbott of Texas has tossed out the mandatory mask mandate, and is allowing for everything to be opened.

I am unclear about schools; whether or not they are open. Our teacher buddy in San Antonio is back in school, according to the wife.

The wife received several calls from the local vaccine office. At this time, I am not certain whether or not she will get the vax, although she is leaning that direction. Her endocrinologist has urged us to do so, and she will check with her r/a doc on Friday during her teleconference appointment.

At this time, I am still on the “Not Me, Screw That” bandwagon.

After all the hubub about Gates and family are not vaccinated, and a video I watched on bit chute talking of the inflated numbers and falsified positive test results, I am sticking to my guns…not to mention the fact that the vax rewrites one’s RNA.

The media is still sensationalizing the Kung Flu, as are the Hollywood pedophile group including Bradley Whitford (famous in his own mind), so the fact remains, what is the truth?

Cuomo kills thousands of nursing home patients and gets an award.

Sleepy Joe allows tens of thousands of illegal aliens into the country, and puts them where?

No thanks. I need my trigger finger steady when all this pushing comes to shoving.

I never get even….I invented overkill.

Just a reminder

Image from Chief Nose Wetter

16 thoughts on “Texas Trashes Mask Mandate, and Reopens

  1. California’s Hair Gel Hitler call’s Abbot’s actions “reckless.” Uh… Gruesome Newsom,… so is letting in MILLIONS of UNVETTED ILLEGAL ALIENS!!!!

  2. K.) It’s ‘free’. Read a story about the J&J vax-they are selling it at ~$10 a pop and ‘not making a profit’. The other schmucks peddle theirs for around $39 for the required 2 doses. (Gotta wonder how much gates pockets??).

    Read the recent piece by Robert F. Kennedy where he details all the bad things about the purported vaccines. Even if I wanted to take the vax I’d wait at least until later in the year and only in case the situation was really out of control-meaning millions were dying.

    My logic: anyone who has a health issue that results in a compromised immune system or is at risk for out-of-control coagulation and has not yet contracted the china bug is better off going without any of the vaxes. It is a simple assessment of risk-nothing more, nothing less. And, fuck fookie.

      • So, I went in for the annual poke and prod on Monday. Doc is a pretty cool dude and like me, has had the bat flu and survived it. He and his PA came into the exam room with their masks in their pockets. His advice, I’m in good health expecially for my age, and have already had the bug and virtually nobody gets it again, so far, BUT I probablyought to get vaxed because it’s not certain if my antibodies will work against some of the new strains that are coming up.

        However, he said I should get the J&J if I decide to get it at all. He wandered around the bush a bit about the others being RNA and nobody knows how that’s gonna work out and they’re probably OK but they’re a new thing and etc. etc. etc. and it was clear he was saying, don’t do it. Then he went on to say the J&J was a traditional vaccine that is well understood how to make and what to expect and that’s the one I ought to get. BUT wait a few months to see how things work out.

        He also said, polite words to the effect, Fookie is an idiot and eff him too, and that it’s really hard to tell what the real numbers are because they’re generated with a huge political bias. I’ve known this guy a while and basically what he’s saying is, it’s all Bee-Ess ya follow?

      • I am in agreement about the J&J vax. The wife’s doc in Ft Worth said they’ll be getting them later this month. I may just make the trek to get mine there.

  3. illegals? it gets worse. they tested them for covid then released them, negative or positive. couple hundred so far popped hot….vac? my wife’s bestie got the vac, went from picture of health to mri’s for stroke symptoms. i tried to warn her but she works in health care, peer pressure.

  4. Regarding vaccine shots and docs, my wifes cancer doctor told her that by the end of the year she(and everyone else) will either have gotten the vaccine or will have covid, because it is so widespread now. Said this while wearing a mask. So, if everyone is going to get covid anyway, why wear a mask doc?

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