Why Oh Why?

It continues, and no explanation given as to why it is necessary to keep 5,000 national guard troops at the US Capitol grounds.


Why then?

Are the Democrats afraid of how the country will react when Crazy Joe’s insane gun control bill gets pushed through?

They damned well better be afraid.

5,000 troops won’t be nearly enough when the outrage spreads though the country.

If the gun control bill does get pushed through, perhaps it would be better to take the fight to them, instead of letting gun ho LEOs try to enforce it across the country, whittling away at Patriot “strongholds”.

Yeah, bring it to them.


As the Chief would say…”Nuff Said!”…

for now

8 thoughts on “Why Oh Why?

  1. O-O-O-O-HO-HO-HO… Don’ git me goin! If what happened on 1/6 was truly an “insurrection,” Congress would STILL be hiding underground!

    About the only thing that happened on that date was that a bunch of rightly pissed off Americans, looking to be heard, stole that all-important “element of surprise…”

  2. Too bad Trump didn’t fly up to DC after he was done in Orlando and take control of the willing NG members while sending the rest home. Then he could show Nancy and Chuckie what a real insurrection is all about-all the while issuing a call for Patriots to descend on the town in case any of the swamp tries to sneak off.

  3. district popo says “intel’ reports the moolitia was coming on the 4th to reinstall trump, that’s why the guards had to stay. of course “intel” says no such thing so its just one deep stater ripping off the deep state rip off artists. more cash for the district to steal and hide. along with the 500k rounds of ammo that took a missing. dark winter, meet long hot summer.

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