5 thoughts on “Antifa And BLM Protest Buster

  1. The cow catcher needs to be a little wider to throw them past the tires. But I like it.

    I have had a pepper grenade in both vehicles for possible crowd control for a couple of years. The outside vent needs to be closed and it works best thrown 5 to 10 feet in front of the vehicle. I also have the 357 loaded with Hydrashoks in the truck. When I drive the wife’s car the 45GAP is in the side panel.

    Since I got the 10 mm I have noticed that the 45GAP has very similar ballistics for the 185gr and 200 gr bullets. The GAP is a unappreciated round. The 10mm can make 135gr bullets very fast. Not available with the 45GAP as it is 185gr to 200 gr only. The 10mm also has 5 more rounds capacity. The slide for the 10mm is at the machinist for a RMR cut for the red dot.

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