I Sense A Disturbance In The Force

I was reading over at Vern’s place about his being sick up and fed with the bullshit going on not just in DC, but a trend that seems to be growing amongst liberals; over extending their authority.

Also at Phil’s place 

All someone has to do is mutter the word Qanon under their breath and they have a fresh panic attack and use that as an excuse to tighten the screws another notch.

Not only are these worthless pieces of shit deathly afraid of us, they are as gullible as a Hayseed who has just left the farm for the first time in his life.

I totally agree with these patriots about what is going on.

This crap will get worse as the weather warms up. Antifa and BLM will emerge from hibernation, and continue their left wing attacks on whomever pisses them off most at the time.

Supposedly, HR127 will go to the floor this week…HR127 is the massive, unconstitutional gun control bill that will essentially make most of us felons by non-compliance.

A county in Missouri has already stood up and pretty much said “fuck you” to the feds and their insane gun control laws by passing an ordinance that allows the county to deem any federal law not enforceable, and threaten to arrest any Federal officer trying to enforce them.

More counties in this country need to take heed, and follow their example. I think I saw that a similar system was being implemented in North Dakota.

So you want to send a message to Big Government? Tell ’em to screw off and run to Kommiefornia.

Obviously, not all counties will  follow these examples, but the lines are being drawn now.

When HR127 gets passed in one form or another (and there is no reason why it wouldn’t), I hope the outrage from Patriots will make another “shot that was heard around the world”.

I know I am not alone in this stance.

The Resistance Movement needs leaders…not militia, as they are sworn to defend; not OFFEND…perhaps they could be swayed however when the gavel stomps on their 2nd Amendment rights.

The question is

what will it take for you to say “I’m mad as hell, and I’m not gonna take it any more!”?

The so called President of the US doesn’t know what day it is half the time, and he’s got the nuclear football.

He’s not allowed press conferences because he cannot make a complete sentence.

The Democrats knew this when they figured out that they would rig the election, so that ANYONE could win. All the proof was there to rescind the election, but nooo; all of a sudden, the balls fell off many, many people who could have called it fraudulent.

Now he’s the Goober in charge, and they can do whatever they want. It doesn’t matter if he dies in office or not…they will still have the control.

They must be reminded that it is We The People…who have the power.

The time is now.

13 thoughts on “I Sense A Disturbance In The Force

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  2. OH, MY! All that Toxic Masculinity in the first photo! I need my SAFE SPACE! If I’m a good little sheeple, MAYBE they’ll eat me last!
    /sarc off

    Yeah, people here in flyover country, with the usual exception of the Big City hoodrats, are really getting perturbed.

    This coming summer should be “interesting”….

  3. HEY!!!! Don’t send any more of those idiots out west! The MILLIONS of us Conservatives in California have our hands full already!

    As for HR127, Uncle Sam can KiSS.MY.ASS! That wad of TP goes unconstitutional with the first sentence, and goes downhill from there!

  4. You are correct… there are plenty of “patriots” out there willing and ready to take our country back. Without proper leadership, guidance and a set of established goals, the left, with the power of the military will crush us in days. There are too many “talking heads” out there telling us what’s wrong knowing full well we are doomed without organization.

      • its just that lots of changes tend to happen in april, especially mid to late month. its also when things warm up at night, hormones get moving, and southern farmers have their seed in the ground. “nothin else to do, lets go make trouble”. this abomination of a gun bill should be law by then. when folks find out what’s in it, there will be hell to pay. uncle joe will likely catch a bullet by then and kameldung will have the reins. ought to be interesting.

  5. oh and just for giggles, throw in 500k rounds of uncle sugar’s ammo missing in the district. hot time in the city.

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