Update At The Homestead

We still have no running water in the back part of the house. We are waiting on the plumber, and it will likely be a couple more weeks before he’s even close to getting here. Fortunately, we do have water in the front part of the house including the kitchen and front bathroom.

I am unwilling to tear out walls to fix the problems, so we wait.

The laundry is piling up however, and it’s doubtful my clean clothes will last 2 more weeks. I refuse to go to the laundromat.

The wife has been busy planting a bunch of geraniums in her patio garden.

I put up a couple sections of cattle panel fencing around the patio for “deer proofing”. I dragged a few of the panels up from the corn field, and used some 5 ft rebars to aid in staking the panels down. There are two more panels to install for additional “deer proofing” along the sidewalk.

The panels eliminate her ingenious use of chairs and rolls of 1×2 fencing to keep the critters off the patio. She is very pleased with the new installation.

The weather has been nice, and will turn to clouds and some rain tomorrow, I think.

I downloaded and printed some sheet music for the wife (she is a rather accomplished pianist), and discovered the printer had gone low on toner. After tearing through all my stashes, I ordered another cartridge. I am certain the other one will turn up after the new one arrives.

I did have to download and install another printer driver for the Linux OS. Hey, I am getting better at that.

Today is trash out day, so I am going to have to make several trips to the street for all the boxes we broke down from all the stereo equipment, as well as an entire additional bag full of styrofoam packing. I may hold off on that until the morning…in case it gets windy overnight.

I bought the wife a Gorilla dump cart for her to haul away her trash from the plants that did not survive the freeze. She has made two trips out to the brush pile with her dead leaves and other crap that seems to collect on the patio. It’s a nice cart that allows the entire bucket to be turned up and over with little effort.

I told her next, she could start hauling the rocks from the front yard.


I have to be more careful about the fine lines of her sense of humor….

I am trying to figure out why the damn bees/wasps are hanging out at the bird feeders.

Looks like pizza tonight with some Bert Porter Bread

In all my years, the recipe for the pizza crust is the best I have found for homemade.

There is a Papa Murphy’s Pizza in the big city, but have yet to make the plan for the trek. It is very good pizza and relatively cheap, even though it is a take and bake.

No outside work today. My back still aches from dragging those cattle panels from the corn field. They were much heavier than I figured. They are 15ft x 6 ft. I had to use bolt cutters to cut to fit; even so, I got a workout yesterday installing them.

6 thoughts on “Update At The Homestead

  1. “I am certain the other one will turn up after the new one arrives.” I have long held to a theory that there are parallel universes next to us. When something disappears that you KNOW you have and KNOW exactly where it is supposed to be, but it is not there, then it is in a parallel universe and will reappear in good time. How that functions i do not know. But i have found numerous items later that should have been there now. Currently i am looking for my 3/8″ drive ratchet.I expect it to return shortly as i will go buy one to replace it.

  2. See if the zoo in San Antonio sells their mountain lion poop-most deer steer clear of an area that has been treated of some of that stuff.

  3. I’m wondering if the hard freeze killed enough of plants in the wild to force animals to seek alternate food sources. May be the reason why bees – yellowjackets are taking a renewed interest in bird feeder.

    I went to ranch this past weekend and a lot of plants were badly damaged. The trees lost a lot of leaves – mesquites that normally lose their leaves are just now beginning to get the small shoots back. Yucca in places were decimated big time. Grass needs the rain bad. That too plays a factor in this. Prior to this, the hurricane that hit us last summer left the place high in grass and greenery.

    Long time ago, wife and I built a hoop garden in the backyard. Installing 16″ long #2 rebar into ground, we inserted 3/4″ PVC pipe into ends to form a hoop. About 4″ o.c., these hoops was covered by construction fencing, the tough plastic foot traffic used at job sites. Allowed enough sun light to filter to get to plants and prevented birds and cats from getting inside. The birds for the garden, the cats for the garden soil for ‘their use’ :^) The holes in the fence prevented enough wind to carry it off, even in high wind events.

    Sorry about laundry woes. You could try ‘sunning them clean’, hanging outside and letting sunlight bleach them out. I hear some soldiers do this to take care of their laundry.

    • The deer are out in full force. Grass/weeds are coming alive all over.
      We too have a greenhouse using PVC pipes, a clear thick plastic sheeting over the screencloth…we don’t use it.
      Given it’s spring (almost) we are in for cloudy days with rain for the next 8 weeks or so before the summer drought hits..no hope of hanging clothes on the clothesline..but one never knows how desperate we may become.

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