Just Found Out

I got a letter from Fannie Mae, stating that our mortgage is now owned by them; Fannie Mae: The 2nd most financially unstable lender in the country.

No doubt they assumed our loan because of our good credit and payment schedule (all two of them since the refi) so as to raise the average of the continuous dismal failure of Fannie and Freddie…

If you recall, the crash of ’08 was compounded by the fall of Fannie and Freddie when their skin-of-your-teeth lending practices hastened the crash of the economy when gas prices went through the roof, causing the so called hair-of-my-chinny-chin-chin borrowers spent their precious incomes on gasoline, rather than mortgages, resulting in thousands upon thousands of foreclosures.

That’s fucking great.

Now I’ve got the Feds directly looking over my shoulder..

In other ranch news…

Orange cat, the feral cat that survived and the wife adopted, is now pregnant.

great great great great great…

I have gone to town yesterday and this morning in my truck. As I was leaving the shed on both days, I saw another feral Calico cat (Orange cat’s mother) running from a place on one of the shelves, to another hideout…likely, she is pregnant as well.

great great great great great…

We are about to be overrun with kitty cats.

Orange cat gets fed by the wife several times a day, where feral Calico cat is on her own. She hangs by the water troughs for unsuspecting birds, and I have found remnants of birds by said troughs.

Should I start a pool on how many kitty cats we’ll have in the next few weeks? I say a dozen, not including mamas.


Calico mama has had her kittens…4 more orange kittycats…

great great great great great

We’ll be kicking on the a/c today and days to come as the temps will reach into the 90s.

great great great great great…

On a positive note, I did fill up the truck with gas, and my new gas can. That totals to 58 gallons of stored, stabilized gasoline.

With all the sunshine and rain we’ve had, the grass is growing, and looks like I’ll be on the mower soon.

The last I heard was that the wife was driving to SA to get her Kung Flu vax today, with some help from our teacher buddy in SA. I don’t know whether to thank him or not.

15 thoughts on “Just Found Out

  1. Growing up on the farm my cousin and I would take a couple of water hoses and stick them in the dug out holes around the barn. He would be on one side and I would be on the other side both of us with 22 rifles. The rats under the barn would come out to a freshly plowed area that was rough terrain for them to cross. Then the rat killing would begin.

    We did this a couple of time until my girl cousin was given a cat. The cat promptly took up residence at the barn. Next was a litter of kittens. Other cats started showing up. no more rat problem but now we had a cat problem. We finally had to have a cat killing to get everything back under control.

  2. Your place that gave you the loan….sold the loan to Fannie and Freddie. Lots of accounting reasons them to do that.

  3. I am of the opinion that mortgages should not be able to be bought and sold like stocks. If i want a loan i go to a place of my choosing, not theirs. That has happened to me before, and i didn’t like it but couldn’t do anything about it.

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