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I use You Tube because despite their arbitrary censorship, they still have lots of videos I need to help express an opinion…just to stick it to their liberal asses.

I never have used Twitter in my life nor Instagram. I believe they are both narcissistic in nature, just like Facebook. I did FB for about six months before realizing that not only was my pic broadcast to millions, everything I did was as well, so I dumped that shit in 2011.

Given my exuberant prepping at that time, I did not want to advertise that either, knowing that the Feds watch FB too.

WordPress is enough exposure on social media for me, also given my stance on the current status of how the Democrats are destroying our country. Saying the things I say here on FB? might as well drive down Main street with my bare ass out the window.

I don’t criticize those who do use FB…any more. I will say this, if you use FB, somewhere there is a file on you, if you are the least bit conservative.

As far as the masks…if a business owner says “wear a mask to get service” I will comply…after all, it is their business, even though masks will not prevent Kung Flu.

No one complains when the sign says “no shirts, no shoes, no service” I see little difference.

The meat market where I shop has a sign that reads “No Mask, No Meat.”

I do agree about the masks being useless concerning prevention of the Kung Flu, wholeheartedly.

We’re on the same side, man.

8 thoughts on “Finally…Simplified

  1. When facebook came out I realized the product was the users. It was all about the data. Once they had enough data they would have algorithms for targeting adds. I never bothered with facebook.

    Pintrist – I have an account and I follow a few people. Most are chefs or people that publish recipes. A few are gun related or hot rod related. I have made a few comments but I have never uploaded anything so my page is blank.

    Twitter – I signed up over 10 years ago. My first post got my account suspended. I can still log in to view but I am still banned from posting. If memory serves I told somebody that they needed to read the Constitution and Bill of Rights. I didn’t call the dickwad any names or use profanity. Lifetime ban.

    Mask are useless and cause more problems than they are worth. The disposable n95 mask can’t stop the Kung Flu. I have a mask in the basement that will work but wearing the Military issue M51 Gas mask with hood would freak people out.

    • The M51; effective yet not really anonymous…interesting that Twitter dumped you so early in their existence…during the reign of obamski, no doubt…
      remember, he had to have his “internet kill switch”..

    • Last week I started wondering about my last round of free money from Uncle Sugar-like when will it get here. Asked a few people if they had received theirs and in what form. A couple were really surprised-one even got payment electronically dumped into their business checking account. Hmmmm, the goobermint never was given that account number at any time for any reason. So I reluctantly went to the IRS app that would give me the status of the payment, which I then learned was transmitted a few weeks earlier to an account number that I did not recognize (the app only identified it by the last 3 digits, and did not include the financial institution’s name). Went checking-1st institution did not have such an account or any e-deposit. The 2nd institution locked me out (all thumbs typing screwed up the password, then could not re-set password), so I gave up-had bigger fish to fry that day. A couple days later the paper statement for that institution came in the mail-opened it up and viola!-there it was: Uncle’s funny money now residing in a money market account that likewise is never used to make transactions to the outside world. How/why Uncle got that account # and decided to use it is beyond me. The moral of the story: if someone can-without authorization-put money into your account then they sure as hell can pull it out, especially when you are not looking. Comforting, isn’t it?

      Way, way back in another era-right at the time that google’s search engine was the rage of the land (circa 1998 or so)-I summed it up using an historical analogy: Every time Nazi forces would overcome a village the first thing they did was raid the village hall and take possession of the records. Then on to the churches for their records. You know, Who is who and what flavor are they. Conceptually, what google was doing then is exactly what the stormtroopers were doing 80 years ago. Don’t take the bait from the evil bastards.

      Love the mask cartoon. Actually, some of the better performing masks use electrostatic force to attract and maybe capture or retard the movement of tiny particles, so it isn’t all about simply dimensions (china virus ~ 125 nanometers, which puts it on the same wavelength scale of the different forms of UV radiation). Still, as that sawed off little lying shrimp with the smug face spews his mask mandates-it is all a big crock of the kind of stuff that fills hillary’s diaper every day.

      • I agree that the feds have access to all our money, regardless of which institution it is in. I make it a point to hit the ATM every month for a several hundred dollar withdrawl to build up a cash stash.
        I would advise to obtain junk silver as a back up as well.
        The Feds cannot keep increasing the debt without eventually having some ramifications on all the borrowing.

      • Our stimulating money was electronically deposited into our checking account. Do not know how they got the account number, I have never given it to them. I have deposited refund checks there, so maybe that is how they did it. The stimulating money before that came in a debit card form, and before that it came in a check. If they would quit stealing it to begin with, wouldn’t cost them so much to return it.

      • Strange to think of it…first stimulus went into wife’s account; second into you, it was the target of the refund as well…hmmm..better watch your money, it’s obvious the feds are.

  2. i wish your wife well and continued good health….yeah, something like 9 states have passed alternate currency laws, silver n gold. that brought obama down on va. like a ton of bricks when we proposed the same several years ago. guess they don’t think it will matter. twenty states have constitutional carry now and counting. wva passed a no ammo tax, no gun tax law. all of this is setting the stage for secession and cw2, or cw3 depending on how you count it….if they demand a mask i walk out. there must be consequences, stupid should hurt.

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