In Other News…

The wife has scheduled her vax for Monday at Wal Mart. It was all she could find.

For her it comes down to this:

a: don’t take the vax, and risk getting Kung Flu and die…the Kung Flu virus attacks the lungs, and she has something called r/a lung, in addition to Interstitial Lung Disease; both caused by her rheumatoid arthritis…

b. take the vax and risk dying from bad reaction…

it’s much more complicated than that, but no need to go into all of the specifics on her medical issues.

Suffice it to say that she is closely watched by her doctors, given that her unique situation makes her a guinea pig as far as the Kung Flu vax is concerned.

She wanted me to go with her, and I refuse to go into Wal Mart, given that it is largely inhabited by Walmartians, white trash liberals, and Karens.

My Home Depot list is growing, so I may have to suffer through to get to the hardware store.

The Weber needs new grates…still need mortar mix to fill the hole where the pipe burst…lumber for various projects which will require my pickup to haul the 8 ft pine boards to build the new CD rack…and more.

Orange Cat still has not dominoed.

The ants have returned to the patio, and I was out this morning with the rest of the Spectracide granules, spread them, and lightly watered to dissolve them.

Orange Tom was back last night on the patio, likely looking for nooky or food. The wife is still squeamish about me “doing away” with him. She stands in the door yelling at him to “go away!”…yeah right, like that’ll work. A more permanent solution is needed. She goes out of town next month; perhaps that would be the time.

4 thoughts on “In Other News…

  1. Two words from my youth: domino and nooky. I haven’t heard either to way too long. Thanks for the voca-bulary refresher.

    I may be up that way in a month or so. If you want to catch a burger at Fatboy’s, I’m up for it.

  2. I don’t discuss much of anything with the wife anymore-she has allowed herself to be brainwashed by all the propaganda on the tv news shows. She got the vax at first opportunity and is still kicking-nothing more than the common soreness; but she is relatively healthy-even for a hyperchondriac.

    For someone sitting on the fence, not sure whether to get the jab or not: ask yourself (and especially with warmer weather coming-hey, it’s still cool/cold up here) what is the harm of waiting for the jab until later in the year? Sure, lots of variables and unknowns; I am firm in my position but will never criticize anyone else for their opinion-after all, that is all it is, an opinion. Science flew out the door on this one a long, long time ago. Best wishes for your lady!

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