Another J&J Vax Failure

The Johnson&Johnson shot is rated as being 66% effective in terms of preventing infection, meaning that if you are exposed, you still have a one in three chance of contracting the disease.

The article goes on to say that the Moderna and Phizer vax are 96% effective at preventing infection from Kung Flu…but there’s always the risk of certain death from the vaccine itself…no fine print either.

Perhaps the single dose of J&J is not near as effective as the other manufacturers that require 2 doses.

Kick up your Vitamin D intake. Seems that from what I’ve seen, the majority of those infected with Kung Flu are Vitamin D deficient.

Twice a day for me.

Dr Foochie is still scratching his head on this one

Texas and Florida Continue to Beat Lockdown States: Fauci ‘Not Sure’ Why Open States are Winning

May I suggest, Foochie, that you’re wrong…again.

Even Foochie is supposedly fully vaxxed, and he still wears a mask. WTF? Well dipshit, does it work, or don’t it?

2 thoughts on “Another J&J Vax Failure

  1. Foochie is living, screaming proof that everything they spew is 100% pure bullshit and lies.

    In general, many people are deficient in zinc-even when they are healthy-and autopsy studies conclusively show that Covid-19 wipes out any remaining zinc during the death spiral. Elderly especially are impacted by zinc deficiency. Easy fix, just like the Vitamin D fix mentioned above-but you have to do it intelligently and with the right knowledge (Side note: and Foochie still rants about masks and all that other shit yet he claims to personally take large doses of Vitamin D-but is silent on telling his ‘subjects’ to do the same thing).

    Selenium deficiency works likewise, though certain areas of both the US and the world have adequate to above average selenium in the soil (from which the nutrient is assimilated by grasses, grains, and animal products that feed off of grasses and grains-meaning eggs and meat, for example. China is notorious for having large areas of severe selenium deficient soil and not too coincidentally an extremely strong correlation to viral diseases originating in those areas of selenium deficient soil (same goes for Africa). A couple years after the Ebola crisis subsided a study found that the Ebola virus forms what became known as selenium sequestration, meaning the virus corralled the last little remaining selenium in the soon-to-die patient-not to use the selenium in any way, just to remove it from the playing field so it can quickly move forward with killing the patient. Which suggested that selenium’s little understood properties in viral fighting were cleverly sidelined by the virus. Final point: last June the chinese-given their 60 years of experience with the selenium/virus connection-autopsied over 4,000 bodies and found conclusive and massive selenium deficiency. The Germans got the exact same result a few months ago on a smaller group of autopsies. $7 for a year’s supply of selenium-though I also include a couple Brazil nuts daily, as they are by far the one food with the highest level of selenium. Just don’t overdue the amount taken; again, one needs to spend some time learning about the various tradeoffs and then decide on what is best for you.

    • Good info here…I did not know about selenium in Brazil nuts. I usually chuck those out when I make the Chex party mix…not any more.
      I agree about “what’s right for you” as everyone’s needs differ.
      I started taking a chromium supplement a couple years ago and ended up getting dizzy after a few days. I stopped taking it, and the dizziness went away.

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