No Reaction to J&J Vax…Yet

The wife got her J&J vax yesterday afternoon.

As of this moment, she has had no reaction whatsoever. That’s a good thing.

According to what I have read, it has taken 6-13 days for a negative reaction to rear its ugly head.

With all her immune system deficiencies, I am watching her closely with crossed fingers.

I promised I wouldn’t say “I told you so” if she has a bad reaction…or worse.

14 thoughts on “No Reaction to J&J Vax…Yet

  1. Nope on any Vax. I have a 99.6% survival it I get the Kung Flu. There is more risk with any of the vaccines. Any the Pharma companies have immunity. Big F U !

  2. All hope for the best from me to you and your wife. I believe things will probably be okay. I think negative reactions are fairly rare. I hope.

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