Dems Introduce Bill To Add SCOTUS Justices

Or INjustices as the case really is.

Pelosi has stated she is against it.

I am unclear as to how seats can be added. I looked it up in the Constitution, but it is not explicit on adding new seats.

It has been done in the past, and I think the last number of seats change was in 1869? and it has been 9 ever since. Seems to work…

BUT the dems are unsatisfied that they do not have enough power, and have a bill working to add 4 more seats, putting the liberal justices at the majority, thus ramming through any and all pro-liberal policies that will no doubt be unconstitutional.

Another blogger recently asked “Where’s The Integrity?”

There is no longer any integrity with the Democrats at the helm of our country.

The fate of the country is in their hands, and they know it, and care not about how to expand their power base, moving the United Snakes towards a totalitarian system of government, tossing aside any loyalty of those that voted for them or support them, as well as any sense of right and wrong.

The Democrats care nothing that patriots and conservatives laugh at them, poke fun at them, make fun of the President, and Democratic leaders because in fact, they are the ones laughing all the way to the bank.

Portland and Minneapolis are clouds of ashes and piles of rubble, but the Democrats want more seats on the Supreme Court.

Tens of thousands of illegal aliens have already entered the country, and they are getting hotel rooms, and huge amounts of cash, provided by you and I, and the dems are going to raise taxes to pay for it.

Meanwhile, they are working on the “infrastructure” bill which will create more money for bribes to pay off officials to look the other way, while they expand their creepy agenda.

Jess is right about another thing too: there is so much crap going on that relates to the same root, that there is almost nothing to say any more that hasn’t already been said.

The frogs are in the pot, and the temp is increasing.

How much more will we take?

Hey, let’s ask the President…

8 thoughts on “Dems Introduce Bill To Add SCOTUS Justices

  1. Packing the SCOTUS is all about the Left’s intent on seizing power forever. Effectively create a third part of Congress; one with LIFETIME TENURE. Do you wonder how Mexico ended up being the way it is? You’re watching it happen here. Without an organized resistance, there’s nothing that can be done. Funny how COVID showed up just in time to unhorse Trump and separate people to the point where “social media” would be the only form of “community…” But naaahhh. It’s all coincidence; right?…

  2. They have the power everywhere but in the Justice Branch. If they expand the Judge number they will pack it with more like Ginsberg or worse.

    It is time to shake the liberty tree. There are wolves in the hen house.

  3. Why? They need a more certain lock? The so called Republican majority I keep hearing about is bullshit. Kavanaugh and Roberts are hardly dependable regarding reading and supporting the constitution.

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