I Woke Up This Morning…

As I dragged around through the kitchen, finishing up dishes from last night, filled the coffee maker with water and coffee, made tea for the the wife, and after 10 minutes or so, I realized to my horror…horror, that the coffee maker was just sitting there like a dumb shit; no activity except for the little light.

I restarted the batch; nothing. I felt the hot plate; cold. damn!

I then proceeded to give it a couple of good solid whacks; nothing.

So, I dug out the stove top percolator that I use for emergencies, and I called this an emergency, and brewed a pot on the stove.

Meanwhile, I ordered a Bunn.

I have had three Bunn coffee makers in my life. The first one lasted 10 years; I loved it. It kept water hot so that as long as one made coffee every day, it would only take a few minutes to brew a pot. It developed a leak, and out it went.

I bought another like it, and it did not last near as long before it started leaking.

These dang things are expensive as far as coffee makers go, costing well over $100 each.

I sent the wife out to get another, and she returned with another Bunn, that I used hesitantly for a while; it wasn’t the same style as the others.

When I moved up to the ranch, I bought a Hamilton Beach cheap one, and that was in 2015; it just now died. I think I paid $15 for that one.

Anyway, I just ordered another Bunn. The Bunn website sold them for $149, and got it for $73.

BUNN 55200 CSB3T Speed Brew Platinum Thermal Coffee Maker Stainless B13C New

I liked the thermal carafe too.

In other news, it has been raining here since yesterday morning.

We were supposed to get thunderstorms, but that forecast was a joke. Rainy enough to keep us from working outside…but I don’t need the rain for that excuse.

Looks like the wife is gonna fly to Ft Worth for her next doc visit; the first of two.

It’s a 10 hour round trip by car, and she’s had enough of the drive. So off to SIL’s for more adventure.

She still seems to be in good health after her J&J vax. They even called her so see how she was doing yesterday.

By the way, she DID had to sign a liability release when she got vaxxed.

12 thoughts on “I Woke Up This Morning…

  1. Funny; Biteme and Foochi are clamoring for everyone to get this “vaccine,” and yet you need to sign a release to receive it… That just inspires no end of confidence on my part… Uh… No thanks…

  2. Probably a thermal cutout has opened. My cheap Mr. Coffee is still limping along after many years-it had 2 such thermal cutouts, 1 for each side of the AC wiring near the bottom of the hot plate. One opened so rather than throwing it away and buying another I just wired around the bad cutout. The other cutout will do its thing in case of a runaway heat condition. Had an old blow dryer the kids used many years ago-same thing-the cutout opened. Got them a new one, wired around the bad cutout, and put it with my other hot air gun in the shop. I don’t leave the Mr. Coffee unattended for long periods of time and sure as hell didn’t call the company lawyers for permission.

    • Auto-drip coffee makers are cheap enough to not Mickey Mouse the safety features. In a do-or-die TEMPORARY situation, maybe, but NEVER as a permanent fix… Believe me; my name LENDS itself to just the kind of repair you made, but losing someone I loved in an electrically ignited house fire changed me forever…

  3. Probably a cheap component fix as others have stated. I just retired a 18 year old Keurig for a Hamilton Beach Duel Brew. The Keurig had gotten to where every third cup was a descale cycle. Last fall I took it apart and cleaned everything. That reset it to where it would only descale once a week. It also started giving varying levels per brew about Christmas.

    I did a search on “The Best” coffeemaker and the Hamilton Beach Duel Brew was in the top spot. It was about $100 if I remember correctly. I have an espresso maker that I use more than the coffee maker. The wife will have one cup if she is working or half a pot if she isn’t. I still have my Stanley travel French Press Thermos that I will pull out every once in a while.

      • I like strong coffee. My wife must have coffee in the morning. I have several back-ups if I have a failure.

        I just loaded tomorrow mornings pot. It will be a 2/3 carafe of a Columbian medium roast that will be brewed on the BOLD setting. The wife has to work Saturday. I am going to the Car Show @ the World Congress Center.

  4. I run a stainless camp perc on the stove. Always works. I let it perc for about 10 minutes. I used to use those electric Farberware ones from the 50’s. I like the design. The sweeping curves, and pressed in details were easy to look at. They had a rotating fuse under the stand. You had about 6 ‘resets’. Then you needed to buy another wheel of fuses.

    Grandma had a nice Sunbeam one with the straight spout. I remember that hissing and groaning on her small table…

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