I Keep Tellin’ Ya

I read a series of books several years ago (I have them as PDF) by T. C. Sherry; the first one is “Deep Winter”. Tells a story of about how almost every damn thing that can go wrong, does in a SHTF scenario. Collapse of the Feds, banks, earthquake, volcano, nuclear fallout, illegal assumption of authority by the Feds, and finally, war. There are three volumes: Deep Winter, Remnant, and Shattered.

It speaks of how the county sheriffs in this country have the final absolute jurisdiction in their respective counties. above and beyond that of any other local LEO, State trooper, NG, or Federal agents; period.


Back during the Comrade Obamski regime, our chocolate flavored president felt he did not have enough control over we indentured servants, so he gave money, arms, and other military type equipment to counties all over the country, to increase their power…the string attached was that they were “obligated” to obey Federal mandates as necessary.

Many counties followed this unconstitutional subtle group of “suggestions” by the wannabe King, and since, the counties have broken away from being mandated by the President…by the way, the Executive Order is not in the Constitution, and according to the above article, many EOs are challenged and won, as there is no precedent for said Executive Orders to become law.

The bottom line is, support your local Sheriff at all costs. He is one of the good guys.

Certainly, not all sheriffs are rural country bumpkins, and many sheriffs are elected in the big city, and are nothing more than warrant servers, and handing out summons, but still, according to the Constitution, are the last line of defense in protecting their citizens from everyone; especially the Federal government.

‘Round here…

Orange cat had her offspring yesterday. the wife was frantic, and Orange Cat found yet another secret hiding place in which to have her kitties.

The wife’s detective abilities however, outshined the cunning Orange Cat, and found 3 little ones in a stash behind the air conditioner.

A front blew through and dropped the temps into the sixties for the high today…tomorrow will be similar with 90s expected later next week…spring time in Texas.

SIL has gone off the deep end, and has dropped thousands of dollars on what I think are worthless upgrades in and about her yard, including an above ground pool (in process of being installed), some expensive work in creating slate sidewalk in the back yard, and a complete redo in the front yard with a gaudy path of cobblestones across it.

You can’t take it with you, I guess.

The wife is still in good health after her J&J vax last Monday with no visible negative reactions.

8 thoughts on “I Keep Tellin’ Ya

  1. We had a decent Sheriff until this last election. The new one will find a red dot on his chest when the gun battles start. He has pissed off a lot of people the past 4 and a half months. He also was the recipient of Dominion votes that got shifted from the incumbent Republican to the BLM friendly Democrat. An hour before the poles closed the exit poling had the Republican with 72% of the vote. When the dust settled Democrats won every seat by a big margin. We were also on of the two metro counties that didn’t have over 100% of registered voters vote. We had 98% of registered voters vote according to the records. It must have the most efficient election process ever. Over 90% of the precincts never reported more than a hour wait.

    We had some rotten elections here in GA.

  2. I also read Deep Winter and the others he wrote. Unfortunately the bookmarked link i had for that no longer works. They finally took it away. I have them on pdf somewhere. Our county sheriff here locally keeps a low profile. I very rarely hear anything about him either pro or con. That may be a good thing. Or not.

      • Yes, i purchased and read Lights Out, pretty good book, if we are talking about the one based in your area. Seemed to me it had a very good grasp of what could happen when lights go out, and not some maybe whatif scenarios. At the link i used to have was a novel called Aftermath which was also pretty good.

  3. It might be an ‘interesting’ exercise to do a correlation of sheriffs in sanctuary counties with counties that voted red – and were not plagued with dominion machines. One could also look at those who support Constitutional carry as well. Factoring in their party affiliation (and loyalty to that party versus their constituents) would also be ‘interesting’. Unfortunately I know how my sheriff tends to roll………………….;-(

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