Why Is Choco Kammie Laughing?

Stoned..everybody knows that smoking pot enhances one’s giggle box..

Things that are normally “ho hum” can turn into uncontrollable fits of guffaws..

Did someone tell her they were going to impeach Maxipad Waters?

Is she auditioning for the Wicked Witch of the West role in the new movie “La La Land: The Movie”?

Has she been reading the jokes over at Vern’s Stories?

The gum tree is a gummy bear tree, laden with THC filled gummy bears. The monkeys in the tree are the rest of the Congressional Democrats.

OR…she read that BLM organizers in Minneapolis were going to return all looted items, and rebuild the city.

Hell, that makes ME laugh too!

2 thoughts on “Why Is Choco Kammie Laughing?

  1. The Ho giggles and laughs when she doesn’t know how to answer a question. Sort of like when a pain slut giggles when they are being slapped and whipped. My guess she does both.

    Dem control the House and Senate. There will be no censure or impeachment of the criminal Dems.

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