Raining Today

Not much, but we never complain about getting rain here. Come July, we will have days and days of high nineties temps and drought until October.

Thunderstorms in the forecast for tomorrow, and a sunny and hot weekend. Time to mow if it dries out enough.

The wife is still doing well after her J&J vax, with no noticeable side effects. It has been 9 days.

She is scheduled to fly to Ft Worth on the 11th to get her next round of rituximab IV drip; at least the first one. each dose takes two, two weeks apart. She will stay at SIL’s. I cannot say she is looking forward to visiting. What a mess in that family. A whole separate post on their antics would be required to cover all the inadequacies and insanity.

I am enjoying working in the kitchen after my grocery trip on Tuesday.

My first task was making a batch of guisada. I love that stuff. Guisada tacos with lettuce and tomato, beans and cheese are the best. The local El Pato restaurants down in the RGV introduced me to breakfast tacos back in the 70s. 99 varieties of tacos and assorted plates…delicious…too many carbs for a diabetic though, so I must remain sensible, and exercise more to compensate.

Last night was my first attempt at chicken stew. It turned out well; even the wife liked it.

Today I am making beef enchiladas. Another high carb dish, but worth the effort..and sacrifice…another round on the elliptical.

I still have a couple days before my request to Ebay for a refund on the coffee maker.

I have not seen the new kittycats yet..it’s only been a week. The other kittycat had hers, and has since abandoned them, as yesterday, she was standing outside our door, waiting for a meal…musta voted for Biden.

I was disappointed to find out that my barber shop has closed until further notice. I guess my $20 haircuts did not help much.


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