And The Sun Shone

The sun is out today after days of clouds and rain.

The wife’s cabinet was scheduled to arrive via FedEx yesterday; nada. The problem is this: we have to open the gate to let deliveries in. If we don’t, or exPecially if the tracking info is wrong, the delivery gets left at the gate…no big deal unless it’s raining.

So yesterday, I checked the tracking when I got up during the thunderstorm, and it said expected delivery today, so I braved the rain and made the short walk to open the delivery.

Today, I check my phone for the updated delivery status, and it said delivery rescheduled for Tuesday.

I manually punched in the tracking number and it said “out for delivery”. That was 10:45 as I slept in. A rare day as I went to bed early (2 am) and didn’t have to get up to pee until 6:30, and went back to bed.

After finding out this tidbit of information on the delivery, I staggered around to get dressed and go out and open the gate. Delivery occurred 30 minutes later.

Two boxes; one of them is over 6 ft long. I decided to leave the bastards outside, hoping to light a fire under the wife to get her stuff moved out of the way so I could assemble it and prepare for the week ahead…piano tuner comes tomorrow, the kid arrives tomorrow, kid’s car to shop Tuesday morning.

Remember those toys you had when you were a kid? the hand held little square with 15 numbered tiles in it with an empty space? you had to move all the tiles around to get the numbers in order?

That’s how our house is..with the addition of the coffin sized cabinet, something else has to go. This time around, it is the wife’s electric piano. She bought it in Ft Worth a couple years ago for $300. BIL and her went out and got it. It was obvious that she didn’t even try it, because after I unloaded it, and put it together( oh yeah she neglected to procure a power cord for it as well, and that was left to me), the lower ocatave E flat did not work. Since that day, several keys now have gone flaky…$300…now she wants to give it to the local Helping Hand.

Getting this out of the way, makes room in the living room for a bookshelf I built that is now located in the bedroom. This will be moved to where the piano is/was.

In that spot in the bedroom, will go the current shelf that used to house the kitchen stereo; actually it still does, but with the new stereo, we don’t use the old one any more, so it just sits in the corner; now, that shelf will go into the bedroom to fill the empty spot left by the bookshelf.

In THAT empty spot will go the new cabinet…whew! glad I got that all out…

I’m tellin’ ya, there is so much crap piled up against every wall in this house that one cannot find an outlet to plug anything joke.

Now, I gotta look forward to hours of putting together the new cabinet, knowing full well that it is going to be under foot until the ding dang piano gets moved, and the next and the next and the next blah blah blah just shoot me now.

Along with the sun being out, I will be under pressure to begin the arduous task of…mowing.

Maybe the kid could do that.

What’s that you say? I have created my own little hell right here?

Damn right.

6 thoughts on “And The Sun Shone

  1. Ahh, mowing. Since my retirement day, i have been doing yardwork daily. Trying to get my mess under control. After 4 weeks, i bet i have done at least 2 hours of yardwork, including mowing. The wife says i need to slow down a little and take it easy.(She has this very sarcastic tone of voice sometimes.) I think she’s right.

  2. Knowing you, Tex, you will be up at the crack of dawn, letting the mama kitty in for chow, and then-seeing that one of her kittens has a limp-you will gather it up and rush right over to the vet-30 miles away, so you can get there right at opening time. If you are lucky, you’ll be headed home around 11am with the kitten and a $700 bill for emergency services. But deep down, you’ll know all your heroic efforts will be much appreciated and would do it all over again in a heartbeat.

    Hey, have a great week, buddy!!!

    • Given my wife’s need to record her LPs to disk, I had to get an amp with a turntable input…not many out there have that feature any more…
      The amp/ receiver has a tuner, and separate outputs for two sets of speaker; one never knows when one may need to put some speakers outside.
      Turn table, self explanatory
      Onkyo cd changer…all kinds of bells and whistles..
      Polk subwoofer, powered…If you want a subwoofer to punch out more bass, powered is the way to go…be sure your amp has a subwoofer output..
      Klipsch is world renown for their high quality speakers…

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