Now What’s Wrong?

I got up at 5 am today to pee, and that was it. I lay awake in bed until 6:15 then just got up, at which time I felt clammy and sweaty and dizzy. What the hell is that about?

BS 130…BP 107/69..a little low, but not dangerous. Three hours later, still feel same.

The kid arrived last night around 9 pm. She brought a couple dozen Delia’s tamales from the RGV.

We dropped off her car at the repair shop.

My mission is done: mostly, ‘ceptin’ to pay for it.

I ate four of the tamales with the hot salsa…delicious.

The kid asked me to make her some chorizo, potato, and egg tacos. OK, I’ll have one too. I feel an early nap coming on today.

The kittycats are getting a lot of attention from her. Now we find out they have fleas.

Great great great great great great…more money headed out of my pocket for feral kittycats.

That ain’t right.

The piano tuner finally showed up yesterday, and after 3 hours of plinking, pounding, tapping, rapping, he left and even took the albatross electric piano that the wife was wanting to give away. He said he would try to fix it, and give it to one of the local nursing homes. At least it’s gone, and she can continue her rearranging adventure.

I am outa here.

16 thoughts on “Now What’s Wrong?

  1. Your blood sugar was low (clammy sweaty, etc.). Then you ate a bunch & it was high and you got sleepy.

  2. Tainted tamales? Hope it is nothing serious.

    Last month the Doc changed my Diabetes meds. My A1C had climbed to 7.3 where it was 6.2 this time last year and 6.1 the year before. I am now taking rybelsus. My weekly BS average has dropped from 156 down to 117 in 3 weeks. The first month there is the added side effect of nausea which didn’t hit till week 2. I am on week 3 and today was a rough day. Another one of the side effects is weight loss. Go figure, if you are nauseous you don’t want to eat anything. I am down 12 pounds so far.

    FYI on tuning a piano that hasn’t been tuned in a few years. You will need to get it tuned again in 3 to 4 months and then again about 6 month later. They you can go to the yearly tuning. When my daughter took piano it was tuned 5 times in the first two years before it went to a yearly tuning. Each time it took less time for the tuner to get it right. The yearly tunes took about 40 minutes.

    • When we bought our piano (has a beautiful solid wood cabinet) we paid extra for a Damp Chaser, which is a special humidifier that keeps the critical wooden members that affect tuning from shrinking or expanding once the humidity gets to and stays at steady state. Well worth the cost and the periodic refilling of the water tank and changing or cleaning the dish cloth type wicking element. You will not have to have the piano tuned nearly as often. And yes, it is heated so has to be fed AC from the nearest wall socket. We live in a rather arid area and I’m guessing it is not much different at Tex’s ranch. Give your wood a ‘drink’ and it’ll thank you.

    • My A1C will likely go up the next check. The alcohol seems to be the biggest problem for my morning BS: 130-150 daily. Dnnertime is around 100 or less as I don’t eat during the day.
      I ate the tamales after my rough morning…they did not help..
      I think the problem was I was dehydrated…a bottle of water and a few hours to absorb it, and I was OK.

  3. Regarding the auto repair, i remember you told what the problem is , but i don’t recall what the problem is. Would you mind sharing the auto problem? My grandson recently bought a 98 ford expedition, and i am starting to regret pushing him in that direction. Seems like everyday something else is discovered wrong.

    • I knew there was an oil leak from one of the crank seals. In addition, the driver’s window does not work (power), I asked them to run through everything; tires if absolutely necessary, replace the pressure sensors (if they don’t work, the anti lock brakes won’t either), transmission and cooling system flush if necessary…I just want her to be able to do her pizza deliveries, and not worry about her car breaking down.
      Used cars have gone through the roof recently, as you have found out. Hers is a 2010 Hundai Elantra, with over 120k. She does not maintain it well, even getting her to change oil is like pulling teeth.

      • Is she an independent delivery person using her personal vehicle?

        If yes-and understand I am not being a Karen with this one-but the beloved insurance mafia (aka auto insurers) will deny any claim if a personal vehicle is used for “business purposes”, period-no leniency granted. Get into a fender bender and it is clearly your fault and you are driving on business? SOL baby.

        One way out is for the person to declare “business use” for the vehicle-in this case the pizza car of your ‘kid’. Premium likely will be higher, but I do not have personal experience with the premiums other than the real life situation where I first heard of the issue: one of our top managers was driving 60 miles to another company site and instead of taking one of the company cars, she drove her personal vehicle, hit a deer, totaled her car, and the insurance mafia refused to pay because she was “on company business in her private vehicle”.

        Maybe the ‘kid’ somehow does gets the necessary insurance protection extended to her while she is delivering pizza-does the pizza house provide the coverage for their drivers? Does her personal policy include the needed coverage? Maybe she declared “for business purposes” to her insurance company when she started delivering pizzas so they could underwrite her for the extra coverage needed?

        Another case where the often unsuspecting little guy gets screwed.

  4. Answer this question for all the marbles:

    Who has more fleas? Dirty Old Joe? Homewrecker “Dr.” JIll, or the Morbid Sounding Ho?

    • Xanax worked for the wife, but if she ran out, she was up until she got more. She was up to 2 a day, when she finally kicked those at the advice of several doctors. Ain’t that a shame..when something works, they outlaw it, or make it so difficult to get ’em that it’s not worth the hassle.
      She tried Ambien too, but Xanax worked better.
      I have never used any type of sleep aid; except for Crown and cannabis.

      • Today it was 0430 again. The ambien worked today. Finally woke up at 08:00 which is way late for me.

      • Are you taking any thing else? I am leaning towards my high doses of ibuprofen when my back hurts…for me, I am certain that it contributed to my early rising…

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