Oh Biden, Where Art Thou?

Certainly not in our reality.

The leader of the so called “free world” tries to speak

videos from the Chief at It Ain’t Holy Water 

mashed potato brain is right…I wonder if he knows everyone laughs at him. Could that last video be considered an oral agreement?


Actually it’s the Pentagon that “refused the permit”. I wonder if that’s because DC is not a state?

I say, go ahead and ride.

Depending on where the Chinese rocket failure lands, I suggest July 4 is the target revolution date…it just seems traditional..

8 thoughts on “Oh Biden, Where Art Thou?

  1. He said that if you made less than $400k you wouldn’t have to pay any taxes. That is the first thing I have liked hearing from him.

    I am pretty sure he misspoke as the reality of life faded in and out there.

  2. a few years ago, 2010 i think, during the obammy govt shutdown, he closed the ww2 memorial. 700k vets showed up, tore down the barricades, faced down mounted police, and stacked the barricades on the wh lawn sending barry to marine 1 to get out of dodge. that was just so a few ww2 vets could see it b4 they die. now, imagine if you will, a few million bikers show up anyway to say f/u and promenade by the wh. then imagine a scuffle breaks out w/ the local jack boots…..

    • It’s different now with all the armed troops. The dems no longer give a shit who they kill, cripple, or maim to make their point. They will run this country into the ground. Every single member of Congress needs to be eliminated; period, and start anew.

      • Armed US troops will not follow illegal orders against Veterans. They know that one day they will be in that group.

        If the Veterans decided to relocate some barricades in DC the US troops would probably block DC cops from intervening.

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