Around The Ranch Today

Yes, life is indeed interesting with the kid visiting. Here she is with one of the kittycats.

She shoulda been a vet.

An update on the agave plant. It is getting ready to bloom

those new buds will put out flowers before too long…bees love ’em. Then, it will die.

And a cider update day 14

As you can see, the krausen layer has thinned considerably, and in some areas, non-existent, as the ferment has slowed down. It is still bubbling though very slowly. When it is ready to rack, it will clear and settle some.

The girls left today for San Antonio, and will likely return late this afternoon. I think a trip to Barnes and Noble is in the works, given the kid works at one down in the RGV.

I think the wife is trying to convince her daughter to get the hell out of there. If she gets a taste of life outside, maybe she will move away.

And finally, a gift from Woodsterman…I thought this was funny as hell…

I got the estimate from the repair shop…$1500 give or take…a bad wheel, a couple of tires, rear brakes, valve cover gasket…the rear seal was leaking he said, but not likely going to lose very much if any oil between changes…radiator hoses and a flush..transmission filter/fluid change as well as oil/filter. She has to return Monday afternoon, and he thought he could get it done by then..

6 thoughts on “Around The Ranch Today

  1. All of that for $1500? Sounds about right depending on the quality of the parts going in.

    Depending on the specific gravity when you rack that would be a good time to add yeast energizer. Do you use a clarifier before last rack?

  2. For that amount of work at a professional mechanic, 1500 sounds reasonable. Get it up to snuff, work with her on checking fluid levels etc. to keep it up to snuff. Good lookin kid by the way.

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