Quick Retorts


AOC is not a planned parenthood baby…she was in fact, squeezed from a bar rag

The new normal? Things will never be normal again; ever. As long as the numb nuts are running the country, they will continue to throw wieners at us as long as we will take it.

To whom do they make out the check? like they would pay


If Honeywell owns the planes, then why would they be in trouble? I thought the feds LOVED China…

Sloppy Joe’s admin predicted a million new jobs by now, and has fallen way short. No doubt the shutting down of the pipeline had a negative effect on the job situation. The dems won’t care about the numbers, only the rhetoric.

The feds have given out so much money in stimulus and increased unemployment benefits, that it’s no wonder that people are not returning to work.

At the present, there are not enough long haul trucks on the road to meet the gasoline demands, therefore prices are going up at the pump, as well as household necessities and groceries. Shortages are imminent.

After signing more than 3 trillion dollars of payouts, the Feds are now seemingly worried about inflation…no shit? Just now worried? oh, not worried, just diverting attention from real issues.

I should maybe talk with my younger SIL who claims to know Elon Musk personally, if he would launch a rocket, fail the launch, and have it crash into DC? Problem solved!


Oh yes, Moochelle…you should be afraid…for yourself too, but I doubt you ever get into a car by yo’ seff..who be drivin’ you today, missy? You gwine a want dat black limo agin’? Yahsum…

Shocking Miss: The U.S. Economy Added Just 266,000 Jobs in April, Unemployment Ticks Up

hey Joe! What day is today?

where’s my note cards?

Where’s your mask?

With my note cards!..I think..

2 thoughts on “Quick Retorts

  1. There is a lot of stupid in AOC. She is a proclaimed socialist but has a duel degree in Economics and international business but couldn’t find work in that field in the city that imports people by the thousands every year that have those degrees. That sends red flags up all over the place. Then you hear her spout off about an issue and causation and it goes against basic economic laws. I suspect that she had a surrogate attend classes to get her degrees as she know the basic theory for either.

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