What A Surprise

A couple days ago, some idiot Texas Democrat, Gary O’Connor, the Lamar County democratic party chairman, posted an FB remark calling US Senator Tim Scott an “oreo”.


O’Connor since has offered an apology, and resigned as party chair for Lamar County Texas, on the Oklahoma border.

The county democrats however, have refused to accept his resignation.

Texan Republican Party Chairman, Col Allen West had this to day about that shit…

Texas GOP Chair Allen West slammed the Democrats’ decision.

“The leadership of the Democrat Party says that they’re not accepting his resignation, that everything is fine, that he did not have to apologize for calling, a sitting U.S. Senator, a Republican senator, a black senator from South Carolina, an Oreo,” West told MRCTV.

“So that’s the problem. When you want to talk about institutionalized racism, when you want to talk about the systemic racism and the purveyors thereof – it’s the Democrat Party. They’ve always been. They never voted for the 13th, 14th and 15th Amendments. They are the party of Jim Crow. They’re the party of segregation, of slavery. And now, thanks to the soft bigotry of low expectations, they’re the party that sees independent thinking, black men and women as a threat.

Rock on, Col West.

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