3 thoughts on “Mother’s Day

  1. Mother is bi-polar. She has blurt the bridge multiple times. I am done, no more. My wife tries to get me to re-connect. Nope. My last contact was 5 years ago. That was when she bought a condo across the street from where my son was murdered.

  2. Most of my friends and acquaintances say they wish they had spent more time with their parents, and that includes me. Of course, we don’t learn that lesson until after they were gone.

    Happy Mother’s Day, Mom!! I miss you and all the guidance you gave me as the one who got to do pretty much what he wanted, whereas the older brothers had to toe the line a lot closer. I have tried to live the values you wanted me to have (well, most of them) and am thankful there was not a better Mom than you. And, I trust you are still keeping an eye on me once in awhile.

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